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I'M BACK!!!! Well, not really. Just checking in. I miss doing this so much. Half of my high school years was this. Blogging, fangirling. It's hard to completely stop doing something you love to do. Anyways, I just came here to say hello to you all, and most importantly to say thank you for everything that you've helped me with in the past. I also want to catch up on what you've done over the past 6 months. What have I missed? What exciting things happened? #harry #harrypotter #hp #potter #hogwarts #magic #fandom #fangirl #jkrowling #potterhead #hermionegranger #emmawatson #bellatrixlestrange #helenabonhamcarter (2608)

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Comment from Jayleigh:

{ Yule ball ❄️ } —✧— At the Wizarding world of Harry Potter I got a Pygmy puff, Chocolate frog, Slytherin head girl pin, Slytherin robe, Draco's wand, Remembrall & My friend ( @flipping_ferret ) a Slytherin pin, Slytherin lanyard & I'm giving her my Gryffindor robe since I got a slytherin one✨ —✧— I'm also making homemade Butterbeer tomorrow🍺

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Comment from Liv:

My bedside table is part Miss Congeniality 👸🏻, part waiting on my Hogwarts letter ⚡️🤓. The Muggle Struggle! 😩 While most people think beauty pageants are about swimsuits, tanning and butt glue, I can assure you that the girls and the amazing people who run pageants are so much more than that. I'm so blessed to have my pageant family who shaped who I am today by mentoring me and teaching me what it means to stand up for what I believe in, to give back and to constantly ask myself Dr. King's most important question, "what am I doing for others?" It was an honor to win Miss Congeniality in the Miss America system and it was one of the most heartwarming moments I've ever had on stage, especially because it reminded me of how grateful I was for all of the girls who reached out to help me when I first started competing at 17 - lending me beautiful dresses, making me realize that just because everyone else was using self tanner, I definitely did not need it, teaching me how to walk on stage and spending hours helping me perfect my talent, interview and public speaking skills. Those skills still carry over to my work every single day. Winning Miss Congeniality reminded me that you can still be kind, even when competing, and that taking a moment to make someone (or in my case, everyone) laugh backstage to calm nerves, do someone else's makeup or fix their hair backstage will help you BOTH shine on stage. I was so grateful to be recognized for what I saw in the girls I looked up to when I first started and be able to leave that legacy behind. You really do get what you give. In the grand scheme of things, being a good person is all that matters in the end. We are all just people, regardless of what we look like or how much money we have. Let's help each other, love one another, and give back whenever we can, as much as we can because you can't take it with you when you go! 💕

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The journey that led me to Hogwarts is long and complicated to explain. The Harry Potter series found me when I was 11, and it brought me through some of the darkest moments that were to come only a year later. I've kept Hogwarts and the Harry Potter universe close to my heart ever since, and today I was actually able to visit the Wizarding World. I was giddy as that little 11-year-old girl was, soaking in the magic of my imagination come to life. After all this time? Always. #runsonbooks #hogwarts #hogwartsrunningclub #harrypotter #wizardingworld #vacation

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; @515sunnyday She means "oppas" not "uncles"... When they translate wrong... 😥

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Had the day off of school, but still went anyway.

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