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When my trees are sleeping in the garage all I can do is dream of Spring. Can't wait. I hope where ever you are your day is going well. 😀Ty

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#HOTshot Influencers, with a unique sense of style that combines "haute couture" with wardrobe basics, Pam Allier @pamallier one of the most influential bloggers in Mexico. With 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, Chantal Trujillo @chantaltru Fashion With a View, a platform dedicated to share fashion trends throughout the world. #HOTshot Influencers. Con un estilo único que combina piezas básicas y de alta costura, Pam Allier es una de las blogueras más fuertes en México. Chantal Trujillo, con 10 años de experiencia en la industria, creó Fashion With a View, una plataforma que comparte tendencias de moda en México y el mundo. #lifestyle #fashion #bloggers #HOTBOOK024 #Hotbook

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Love taking photos of old doorways and ally's, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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