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Comment from Levi Ramos🌱:

a natureza é telepática

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Comment from Sandy Hicho:

I was at a stoplight before class with a cop in the lane to my right. But the music was playing and the wind was a-breezing while sun was a-shining. Then I was blinded by the purity of white in the clouds. The next thing I knew I took out my phone and *snap* *snap* "you looking good today mother nature... looking good." Then I saw that the cop saw and maybe he saw how beautiful it was too because we smiled at each other and left as the light turned green. #icecube #yougotitdown #todaywasagoodday #is #iloveclouds #ilovewind #ilovelamp #ilovenature

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Comment from Ollie Neveu:

Did you know 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster🔥 🐓🔥? Chinese astrology aligns with the energy of an animal and an element (fire ,water ,earth, metal, wood) , and we can tap into these nature-based energies to guide us through the year. I invite you to spend an hour on Chinese New Year doing just that - calling in the energy of the fire rooster, delving deep into rooster animal medicine and stoke the fire for a super lit 2017!! 🔥🔥🔥(That's what the cool kids are saying these days right?) Registration link is in profile or copy + paste the following url :

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