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I have no clue what my future holds.... quite frankly every thing I used to think I had all figured out never ended up turning out that way anyways. I do know this, I'm gonna keep doing what I do best- being ME, working on self love, self respect and self worth, make a 1000 more mistakes, learn a 1000 more lessons, screw my kids up a little more each day and then realize that if they ask for a new mom it means I'm doing something right, continue to surround myself with those feeling my vibe, tell those I love I LOVE THEM even when I might not like them and take not one minute of any day to ever forget just how unconditionally blessed I am to wake up and LIVE and BREATHE what I LOVE to do.... Ps. Happy Families Day from my tooth brushing tribe to yours... #momswholift #inlife #inlove #inlifting #myreasons

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Vc é aquele q amo há 27 anos!! Vc é aquele q me faz feliz!! Que me aguenta qdo estou de mal humor ou alegre borbulhante!! 😂😂 Que faz palhaçada para encher de alegria a casa!! Q me deu a filha mais linda do mundo!! Enfim muito love, muitos anos - como posso te agradecer isso tudo? Só mesmo a cada dia te amando mais!! Então obrigada por tudo por estar comigo por todos esses anos juntos!! #inlove #amomuitovc #eueele #thanks #27anos #🙏🏻❤

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