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Thank you @ginmiller and @table8 for naming #Contrada one of SF's Top Three Restaurant Openings of January 2017! 🙌🏽☺️ Check out the article at the link in our profile! Photo credit: @amanda_libes 📷👌🏽 . . .⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #contradasf #italianrestaurantsf #new #california #visitca #visitsf #bayarea #restaurant #marina #cowhollow #sf #wine #explore #sanfranciscoday #alwayssf #liveauthentic #livefolk #sanfrancisco #winter #chef #pizza #pasta #dungenesscrab #squidink #eeeeeats #eatersf #italian #cuisine

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EU ERREI!!! Confesso, passei carão no almoço familiar de domingo! Fiz meu sogro comer uma carne (cupim bovino) dura! Pasme, como um cozinheiro errou? Sorte da sogrinha!!!! Acreditei na receita do amigo! Mas, nada melhor que um dia após o outro, pensa em uma "pasta" tradicional italiana ao molho pomodoro com cupim! Macio assim só algodão doce 😋😋😋 #food #foodies #foodie #foodporn #foodlovers #pasta #pastalover #pastasalad #cook #cookies #cooking #meat #meatlessmonday #loveyourself #kitchen #italia #italian #italianfood #italy #macarrão #massa #cozinha #amor #comida

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The Journey. The journey gave me what I needed. It chewed me up and spit me out, I was reborn into a new being. I shed layers of myself I didn't know I needed to shed. I faced my deepest darkest emotions, fears and pains. I let the journey rip me apart, rip my heart open, take all my worst fears and present them to me. I sat with myself alone and looked directly into my eyes to see everything I could. I saw the pain and the beauty that is my life. The journey showed me exactly what I needed to see and to learn, I needed to connect with myself. This is such an abstract concept and hard to understand until you truly realize it. It is diving really deep beyond the superficial layers we show others. Then it is diving even deeper beyond that, beyond the layers we even want to admit to ourself. Not looking for love, validation, affection from anyone or from the wrong places. But sitting and discovering everything I need lays deep within my soul and I can nourish it with expressing my passions, and creating. This was a deeply personal path that came unexpected. I quit my amazing job because my soul needed to leave. I ended up doing a yoga teacher training in India, expecting to come back home after. I didn't, I canceled my flight home, I was not ready to come back. Being back in my society gave me anxiety. It means I hadn't learned what I needed to. I continued on and pushed myself into unfamiliar parts of the world. Picking up signs a long the way. Finally my time in Ubud hit me like a truck. Smacked me full speed in the face, It was like secret eyes opened and I could see and feel every truth. Everything made sense, and I just understood the world, people, everything. I sense things, I know things, I feel them, I heal. These are all gifts that lay within all of us, our journey is to awaken them. New passion, old passions, self love, intuition, and truth have been gifts given to me. I am grateful for being loved by family and friends. For the support poured out to me by so many who have followed along. I am now ready to come home..... don't worry the next part of my journey has already begun 😉

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It’s generally assumed that in any Italian dish there’s going to be at least some form of tomato involved. Well, guess again peeps! This Minestrone recipe, inspired by a traditional Capri ristorante, has absolutely zero tomato and ALL of the flavor! Get the recipe now up on the site @thefullestmag 🍲

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