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a very interesting review highlighting a link between GI issues and JHS/EDS-HT I'm planning to print this for my GP. I find doctors are generally happy to learn more about the condition if you give them info from a reliable source I wasn't surprised about the link between JHS/EDS and GI symptoms but I was very surprised to find 40% of patients with IBS also have JHS/EDS-HT 😲 Unfortunately, the article is behind a pay wall, so I'll attempt to summarise for those of you who are interested: The review begins by providing strong scientific evidence for a link between JHS/EDS-HT and GI symptoms. The physiological and anatomical basis for the prevalence of GI symptoms of JHS/EDS-HT hasn't been studied, but the authors suggest a few mechanisms: 1. variations in connective tissue composition, in particular the extracellular matrix (ECM - biological 'scaffolding' that provides structural and biochemical support to our cells) leads to laxity of joints and the GI tract, particularly the wall of the intestine 2. an alteration in the development of nerves that control gastric emptying and colonic transit. Our nerves cells are constantly 'talking' to the ECM and the messages they receive affect their function. It's possible that the difference in ECM composition affects the messages sent in JHS/EDS-HT patients 3. increased visceral hypersensitivity - a general increase in pain sensation from internal organs. The article encourages more mechanistic studies to identify the physiological basis for this overlap in symptoms and also highlights some important recommendations for clinical practice: 1. refer the patient to a specialist familiar with JHS/EDS-HT 👍 2. treat the patient using a multidisciplinary approach 👍 3. decrease the use of opioids and replace with other types of pain relief (although further study into effective pain relief needed) 👍 4. supplements such as carnitine, co-enzyme Q10, high dose vitamin C and various chondral protectors may be beneficial but their exact role needs further understanding 👍 Let's hope this article triggers further research into the topic ☺ If anyone wants the full paper PM me and I may be able to send it.

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. Going to miss these beautiful faces at school. (': Last day for me at #JHS

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