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Workout buddies! Every morning. No matter what. They are by my side. Patiently waiting or getting all up in my sweaty face and under my feet. 😜 -------- #21day fix - week 3 - day 3 Lower Fix leg day MY FAVORITE!!! Work that booty!! 30 minutes and 317 calories, a ton of detoxing sweat and muscles built!!! 👊🏻💪🏻 Now to get family up and ready for the day! 💕💕 I'll be announcing my free VIRTUAL 30 Day Fit Club later today -- be on the lookout! We can be work out BFFs for the next 30 days and I get to share with you the awesome things I have learned to help me be my best and help hundreds of people too -- would you be interested? ✅Comment below and I'll shoot you a message! OR come on over to FB @ShelleyFitEmpoweredMom and shoot me a message there!

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This lunch 😍 chicken, avocado & salad on a wholemeal pitta 🐥🥑🥗 excited to get another Jillian Michaels workout in tonight 💪🏼 I've been discussing holidays with my mum, best friend & boyfriend ~ it looks like Malta, Portugal & Tenerife are on the cards! 🌞 extra motivation to get bikini body ready 👙 do you guys have any holiday destinations in mind?! #health #healthfood #healthy #cleaneating #cleaneats #protein #avocado #nutrition #bbg #jillianmichaels

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Only woke up at midday today! So breakfast has been skipped 😩 But workout is done! Day 14 of the #30dayshred

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Mein Tag war schon stressig. Hab aber viel geschafft. Erst arbeiten gewesen dann gleich danach mein Workout von jillian gemacht. Nun trink ich erstmal mein ☕️. Und dann weck ich gleich meine Maus 🐭& fahren zu meiner süßen und Davina. Bisschen Frauengespräche führen und nachher gesund kochen. Die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug. Ich fühl mich fit 💪🏻 und immer besser in Form #lifestyle #fitmum #jillianmichaels #zählerin #sport #familie #body2017💪

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You know what day it is!! Leg day 😩 going to be struggling tomorrow but for now it's time to work these babies til they wobble!

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When things get a little out of my control, I like to stick with structured workouts, so that means either working out with #autumncalabrese or #jillianmichaels. Today was Autumn and #21dayfix. You know it's a good workout when your ponytail is falling out all over the place when it's over!

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What is your first sit down meal after a major blood draw???? Poached eggs, butternut squash, apple (already took it down!!) 😜, veges!!! I could eat this meal all day. . I was chatting with one of the nurses at the doctors office today and she was talking about how she is on her second round of The Whole 30 and how her palate and cravings have totally changed, and she no longer craves the cookies, sweets and candy, but now craves things that are a lot healthier and energy giving foods. . My point is, it takes TIME to change your food habits, but you have to start somewhere!! . Soon the foods you crave will also start to change -- more energy and health conscious choices will start to occur until before you know it, that's pretty much all you choose to want to eat because you realize food is FUEL and ENERGY for your body and how you feel after you eat foods is super important.

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🌮Shelley Workout Of The Day🌮 This is a great 10 minute workout that is sure to boost your metabolism, burn calories and build some slick sexy muscles!! . Do each move for 1 minute with a 20 second rest in between. Repeat the entire round if you are feeling FIERCE! . Best of all, TAG a friend to challenge them and join you on this fun virtual workout together!👊🏻💪🏻💋👙 . FOLLOW this page for more inspiring workouts, recipes, life hacks and more fun To empower your life! #willworkoutfortacos 😜

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