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Comment from Ariehlman@gmail:

4.5 years ago I started my online coaching business. I started it because I wanted help staying accountable to my own health&fitness journey, to be surrounded by others who held those same values, and I thought it would be nice to earn a little extra money on the side of my full-time job. I had no idea how this would turn out for me, but I went with it. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I worked about 10-15 hours a week on top of my 40+ hour work week, and as time progressed I absolutely fell in love. I couldn't wait to wake up early and I had a hard time prying myself off my computer to go to bed, and the best part was… I did it all from my couch, at coffee shops, and the cracks of the day on my phone. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• When I was able to completely walk away from all other sources of income after 2 years, it was sort of surreal. I didn't think I would EVER be one of those people who could work from themselves, and be completely remote. But I did it, and honestly...if I can do it...anyone can. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Are you Interested in any of this? I teach you how to start, what to do & personally mentor you to success thru inspiring fitness, healthy eating, and building relationships. This is not a get rich quick thing, and I'm only interested in working with people who realize that it will take time and effort!! mobilebiz CEOontheGO Throwbacktoearlycoachingdays

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Tabatha Robertson


Comment from Tabatha Robertson:

Workout 2017:185. Day 6 of beginner shred. I took the weekend off because work was crazy, and I'm exhausted. Now, to relax the rest of the evening. beginnershred jillianmichaels weightlossjourney instafit fitfam robertsontoweeks 06022018

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Kelly Rowlands O'Hare


Comment from Kelly Rowlands O'Hare:

Hard work tonight at the gym!!!! Xx backonit jillianmichaels hardwork jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies healthylifestyle holidaypounds christmasbody

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Jillian Michaels WorkoutJunkie


Comment from Jillian Michaels WorkoutJunkie:

Food for thought. Food for life. Start thinking about nutrient dense chemical free foods. It’s worth your effort. jmwjunkiesoriginalmeme

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Nikolett Wunderli


Comment from Nikolett Wunderli:

Late night work out, done. 💪🏼💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️ workout homeworkout gottadoit letsbefit fresh shredded fitgirl jillianmichaels hardasfuck butworthit muscle prettygirl instagirl

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Victoria Townsend


Comment from Victoria Townsend:

jillianmichaels killerbunsandthighs itsakiller imdead sooutofshapeagain legsthighsbutt stretchingitout postworkoutdrink proteinnutmilk collagenandprotein mychoice ancientmedicine draxebonebroth collagen boneandjointhealth biofreeze amusthave notimeforgymtoday makingitworkatwork sweatlikenoother fitnessgoals couplefitnessgoals strengthgoals strengthtraining lowerbody coreworkout

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Sian ❤️


Comment from Sian ❤️:

Day 9 done. Couldn't be bothered, didn't enjoy it and pulled something in my leg (shin/calve area) but, still did it 👍🏻pressplay keeptrying dontgiveup athomeworkouts jillianmichaels 30dayshred weightlossjourney sweatyselfie

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Sabrina Coop


Comment from Sabrina Coop:

While hosing the mud off of Elsa yesterday she decided no more water for mom, notice her hind hoof resting on the hose. 😂 She's too smart for her own good. Today I went back to the beginning by doing The 30 Day Shred workouts 1 & 2 together with 5 lb weights and following the advanced level, finished up with jogging. It's still a great workout, but one isn't enough these days. 30dayshred fitness vega eat workout sweat weighttraining weightloss weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney kickbutt abs jogging healthy jog jillianmichaels

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Comment from sodastreamusa:

Get ready to shape up the SodaStream way! @jillianmichaels partnered with us for an exclusive SodaStream Fizzi bundle—stay tuned for her tips and tricks. cleaneatingforlife cleaneatingideas cleaneatingllifestyle cleaneatingjourney

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Кость Широкая


Comment from Кость Широкая:

Привет) как ваш понедельник? Мой как всегда «очередной» 😃 на самом деле, это конечно не смешно, я делаю успехи и не обжираюсь в выходные до потери сознания, однако ничего не считаю и позволяю себе немного гадостей. Моя еда на сегодня. Мало, ложусь голодная и злая.😡 😃 доброй вам ночи💤 яхудею пп похудение спорт правильноепитание мамахудеет уменявсеполучится идукцели дневник ппмама подсчеткалорий food sport jillianmichaels slim 40kg stopfat slimdiary еда кбжу betterthanyesterday пэпэ жируходи будустройной маманапп healthyfood beslim жирулидосвидули

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Tammy Allan


Comment from Tammy Allan:

I have a love hate relationship with this DVD 😍😡 jillianmichaels 30dayshred slimmingforchristmas LBD 💪

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Instagram model girls


Comment from Instagram model girls:

Motivated strong body💪💪fitnessblog gym gymnastics gymnastics jillianmichaels fitnessblog

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Comment from theLexperience:

Bring on the effort! Motivational JillianMichaels theLexperience motivationmonday

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Jill Fernandez


Comment from Jill Fernandez:

Round 2 of The 30 Day Shred jillianmichaels 30dayshred I’ve gained some weight since I stopped the 30 day shred. I ate too many s’mores this weekend ⛺️ 🌲 🍁 weightloss weightlossjourney fatloss fuckbeingfat motivation determination fattofit fitness diet exercise workout

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Jill Fernandez


Comment from Jill Fernandez:

Day 1 of The 30 day shred!!! 🎀 🎀 level1 jillianmichaels 30dayshred weightloss fatloss weightlossjourney fattofit fuckbeingfat homeworkout workout diet motivation

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Comment from Asia:

Never miss a Monday 😁 So.. my workout is done 😁💪 workout jillianmichaels instaworkout workoutmotivation workingout fitnessmotivation fullbodyworkout jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies jillianmichaelsapp mondaymotivation motivationmonday motywacja trening gettingfit gettinghealthy fitgirl fitwoman fitfam trecgirl trecnutrition polishinsta igerspoland polskiinstagram polishgirl polishwoman polskadziewczyna polskakobieta excercising afterworkout

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Comment from LisasBunteWelt:

Ich. Bin. Am. Arsch. Das Studio war so voll mit Montagstrainierern, dass ich einfach weiter nach Hause gefahren bin. Hätte nicht mal einen Parkplatz bekommen. 😅 Also habe ich die jillianmichaels mal wieder ausgegraben. Die Frau bringt mich immer noch heftig zum schwitzen. Da kommt es auch mal vor, dass ich "Die Frau spinnt doch" keuchend rumschreie. Was da wohl die Nachbarn denken? 🙄😏 Ich freue mich auf den Muskelkater :) homeworkout jillian knackpo workout zuhausetrainieren gymathome fitgirl blogger bloggerlove blogger_de girlwithmuscles afterworkout fitnesspic verschwitztaberglücklich befit training legday definitionsphase fitness

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Sian Byrne


Comment from Sian Byrne:

I was ill last week and didn't do any exercise at all. Felt weird. But also gave me a chance to rethink. So I've stopped bbg for now and have subscribed to jillianmichaels fitfusion as they have such a variety on there which I think is what I need at the moment. I've just completed my first one boxx theboxxmethod boxx band full body which was fun and I LOVE punching stuff 👊🏻let's see what happens. Do miss charting my progress though - any other apps that do that like sweatapp does?

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Comment from L A U R A:

Pick your hard: working out or being unhappy with yourself . Words of wisdom on this Monday morning. Which one will you choose?

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✨H E A T H E R G U T H R I E✨


Comment from ✨H E A T H E R G U T H R I E✨:

I’m turning 42 next week and I’m so excited!🤘🏼 I have NO idea why I love each birthday so much. It might be because I spent so many years in sadness and depression so my peace and happiness today is such a gift!💞 - But I’ve noticed that the world is a little down these days. Ginormous storms. Shootings. Dum-ass politics. And so many dying from addictions. WTF??🔥 - So I wanna spread a little joy up in here!! For the next 5 days I’ll be giving away one of my most favorite things each day on FB! All you have to do to have your name entered in the drawing is to share my daily giveaway post on your FB feed! There will be a different winner each day! I am so friggin pumped, ya’ll!✨ - We start TODAY!! Be sure to show up on FB and share the daily post every day this week! See you then!! 😀 Link in Bio!!💞 - - - - - - - - - - cleaneatingdiet mealplanning ihatecardio weightlossuk bettereveryday instahealthyfood weightlosshelp gettingthere gymnewbie oprahweightwatchers leancuisine jillianmichaels fitbitch getfit cleaneating 24hourfit caloriecounting otfnation stressedaf healthycooking WeightWatcherssoberaf soberwomen whole30meals MyFitPal planetfit diethelp mfm muderino

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Jennifer Florence


Comment from Jennifer Florence:

Oldie but a goodie!Can't go wrong with some jillianmichaels 30dayshred fitness fitnessmotivation fitgirls health healthyliving

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Comment from foodie_loving_squats:

So after a week of doing almost nothing (workout wise) and eating like crap because I was sick 😷 I’ve started today all over with week 2 of my workout program and changed it immediately haha because I got the time to run today so cardio today and strength tomorrow. Also took all the proper food according to planning BUT let’s talk about beef jerky, I’ve never had that before and now I know why 🤢it’s awful! Makes me think of dog food 😝😄 workout run running runninggirl runningmom fit fitmom fitgirl fitness fit healthyfood healthy health healthylifestyle healthylife healthyliving jillianmichaels abs weightloss weightlossjourney

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Comment from momlife|fitness|food|veggie|DE:

Endlich! Der erste Sport jenseits des Rückbildungskurses. Das hat echt gut getan. Nach der Spontangeburt von Kind 1 war ich nach drei Monaten total fit und bin bereits gelaufen und habe freeletics gemacht. Jetzt, drei Monate nach der Kaiserschnittgeburt von Kind 2 merke ich deutlich, dass mein Körper etwas mehr Zeit braucht, die ich ihm etwas widerwillig gewähre, denn ich will ja noch was von ihm haben 😉 Ich kann's kaum erwarten, wieder in die Laufschuhe zu schlüpfen. Wie ist / war das bei euch? . . . motivationmonday fitnessmotivation workout rückbildung fitnachderschwangerschaft jillianmichaels jillianmichaelsworkout schlankmitbaby fitnachkaiserschnitt fitmom healthymom postpartumprogress postpartumrecovery csection csectionmom csectionrecovery jungsmama julibaby momoftwo julibaby2017 zweifachmama

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Brooke Lalonde


Comment from Brooke Lalonde:

Kicked it old school today and hit up Jillian's 30 Day Shred! This is where I started my fitness journey back in 2011 and I think it will serve as a good jumping off point for round two of my postpartum fitness journey 💪🏻 motivationmonday 30dayshred jillianmichaels oldschool backtobasics fitness postpartumfitness fitmom momoftwo workforit nobodysaiditwaseasy nofilterjustsweat

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Comment from Alison:

Never miss a Monday ... 💪 A new week ... 💃 30 Day Shred & a home HIIT workout .. ✔ exercise 30dayshred jillianmichaels workout hiitworkout homeworkout fitnotfat strongnotskinny weightlossjourney fitness thisgirlcan

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Marilla Hurst


Comment from Marilla Hurst:

I am empowered. I am loved. I am inspired. 💗✨ . My 🍁Fall Back Into Fitness 🍁 online accountability group wrapped up yesterday, and this week is "prep week" for the 💪🏻 Pre-Obsession Series 🍑 so we're prepared to crush those 3 weeks before Thanksgiving 🍁🍎🍂 . I'm NOT about quick fixes...what I AM all about are healthy lifestyle habits!! You're just not going to get ripped muscles, lose 30 lbs etc in only 3 weeks...you can START making progress though!! That's why my groups are 3 weeks at a time...because when you take your journey a meal, a workout, a day, a week, 3 weeks at a time, it feels MUCH more manageable than months or years🙌🏻 . After your first 3 week challenge, I don't leave you hanging either!! You'll already have all the tools to continue on your journey, so once you start, you can keep going with my ongoing support, as well as all the individuals in the group. I'm always here for ya, girl!!😘 . Also...if you're a private person who doesn't like "groups", never fear...the app we use for the group allows you to track your progress so that only I, your coach and accountability partner, can see what you're up to. Pretty cool, eh?💗 . I do still have a 7 spaces left for first time accountability buddies!!👭 Privately message me today so you don't miss out!!😘📲

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🤙🏼howzit, my name is TINA🤙🏼


Comment from 🤙🏼howzit, my name is TINA🤙🏼:

Amplified it. Just being accountablepostworkoutselfie workoutdoneearlyworkoutgetfitnoexcusesburncalories30minuteworkouthealthierhawaii muscleandfitness hiitbodyshred jillianmichaels nevermissamonday fitnessjunkie

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Bellatrix Star Fitness


Comment from Bellatrix Star Fitness:

Amen!! People, PLEASE start learning about the quality of your food! IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! If you have no idea where to start, message me, I'm chuck full of information to share! As a certified personal trainer and my passion for health and fitness I've studied A LOT about food! I'm not perfect and I still have tons more to learn, but I'm still very educated on this! Don't die a slow death due to shitty food choices, not working out and lack of sleep! You may think in your teens, 20's and 30's...I got this I'm fine! But, your 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's will be a whole other ball game of pain, disease, dr and hospital visits and lots of prescriptions. Believe me, I'm seeing it now a lot with my family members. It breaks my heart! Make YOUR change today! Much 💜 -Amberlyn fitmom fitmomlife fitlife fitlifestyle fitwife fitwifey fitwifehappylife fitwoman fitchick fit4life eatclean cleaneating jillianmichaels jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies jillianmichaelsquote thefitlife fuelyourbodyright foodisfuel educateyourself yourbody takecareofyourbody fromtheinsideout beyourbestself fitnesstips fitnessquotes healthyfood healthylife healthyliving personaltrainer bellatrixstarfitness

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Jon Homer


Comment from Jon Homer:

We love a challenge, so when we were asked to make a leatheryogamatbag after a few deliberations we got stuck in and this is what we came up with, think I might have to make one for myself ready for yoga inferno with jillianmichaels exercisematbag yogamatbag elementalleatherwork

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Comment from Jen:

wildblueberries 😍 afterworkout snack coconutyoghurt healthyfood workoutmotivation fitgirl jillianmichaels shred glutenfree lowhistamine vegan foodporn yummy

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Trina Sterling


Comment from Trina Sterling:

It’s Monday ☀️and as if I was going to let it slip by without waking up early and busting out good ole Jillian Michaels while the house is quiet! She just killed my lower body but it feels so good! Never miss a Monday as it sets a tone for the whole week, I’m going to be tired anyways! mondaymotivation nevermissamonday imgoingtobetiredanyways jillianmichaels killerlowerbodyworkout newweeknewdaynewgoals

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Comment from kimberly:

When facebook shows you a memory from 5 years ago and you don’t even know who that girl is🤷🏻‍♀️ What a great reminder for myself on how far I’ve come!💪🏻💥 ketodiet keto eathealthy eatclean whole30 bodypositive bodyrevolution jillianmichaels eatcleantraindirty eatcleantrainmean facetoface Left: 5 years ago Right: 2 days ago.

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Deb Mikolajchak Health/Fitness


Comment from Deb Mikolajchak Health/Fitness:

I have continued to lift weights, as soon as I could after my leg injury at work. Lifting weights will keep your metabolism up and will not bulk you up like a man. Women and Men lose muscle each decade after 30! As we approach middle age, it becomes even more important to lift weights. Those hours of cardio can keep you from gaining lean muscle, which is important to long range health. You need to be strong and have a good metabolism to prevent diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis. So, yes you can stay curvier, leaner and stronger as you age! But for me it's about health more than anything! Just at that point in my life! girlswhorun

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