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Dopo uno stop forzato di 10giorni per l'influenza ho finalmente ripreso l'allenamento! 💪💪 ieri ho fatto insieme workout 5+6, workout 3 di BB e avrei voluto fare la challenge ma ad un certo punto ero in debito di ossigeno e il naso mi si è chiuso completamente quindi ho deciso di fermarmi e non strafare😏Stasera al rientro dall'uni mi aspetta cardio 2 ✌ ps. In questa foto il mio strabismo di venere la fa da padrone 😅 #bodyrevolution #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #fitness #postworkout #getfit #motivation #weightlossjourney #weightlifting #toning #instagram #workoutitalia #homeworkout #fitgirl #fitfam #dumbbells #stronger #everydaystruggle #nevergiveup #norest #stayhealthy #getinshape #charlie #jillianmichaels

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Sometimes ya girl needs a cupcake and a cookie to get her through day 13 at work 😴 Just six more days and I'll have three days off. Six more days...

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You guys... I am back to my 2nd Pre-Pregnancy weight! 🙌🏼 I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with not only the way I look, but the way I FEEL. When I started this journey, I knew that I was insecure and unhappy with my body & the way it looked. However, I was unaware of all the positive psychological changes that my journey would bring. You hear about them, but once you start achieving them it becomes a whole different ball game. So far, being healthy and fit has positively impacted not only my life, but the lives of so many around me and I cant wait to see what lies ahead 💜

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Today's workout was brought to you by coffee and cardio! I had a severe case of the Monday's but I came home had a little wakeup juice and off I went! What are doing today to push through?? Did you walk a couple of extra steps, take the stairs instead of the elevator?? I want to hear from you!! #nevermissamonday #workoutathome #goals #healthyliving #mswarrior #coffeelover #dairyfree #21dfx #fitness #fitspiration #pushing40 #hypothyroidism #sparkpeople #jillianmichaels #womenshealth #careergirl #workweek

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Build: Chest/Tris in the books! That was the HARDEST workout I have done in a long ass time. First off, it was 49 minutes, which is 19 minutes longer than I am used to. Second, it was legit ALL weightlifting. No cardio whatsoever. I haven't picked up a set of weights since I attempted 21 Day Fix Extreme in December and even then, that was only two and a half weeks of weights plus cardio. Third, I had to pause a couple of times because my arms were on FIRE. Regardless of all those things though, I feel AMAZING now. Drinking that chocolate milk protein shake to help speed up muscle recovery because oh my God, I KNOW I will be sore tomorrow. So stoked to see where the next 89 days take me!

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Not been feeling excercise for a week but did have my diet on point last week, losing 3lb at weigh in. Back on it tonight but no time for gym so completed Shred it with Weights DVD tonight, and I loved it. Just love @jillianmichaels gets me sweating and my favourite is using weights with cardio mixed in. Gets my heart pumping # #shreditwithweights #kettlebells #cardio #weights #strength #conditioning #deadlifts #swings #turkistgetups #windmill #core #12kgdeadlift #4kg #iloveadeadlift #girlswholift @jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies

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"Fitness to me is about empowering. It's about redefining self-image." #jillianmichaels

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