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Sorry I didn't post yesterday ❤

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How is it that every time I reread HP it gets better and better?? J.K. Rowling blows my mind!

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Hello everyone!!! 😁👋🏽 DJ here bringing you another book tag from @angolethbooks the #magicalbook tag to be exact. Whenever I hear the word magical I automatically think Harry Potter which is why I have my Gryffindor shirt, wand, and Chamber of Secrets book 🙃😋 If you are one of the lovely accounts tagged I'd like for you to do this tag!! - - In other news thanks to follow trains I am extremely close to 700 and I'm planning on dedicating a post all about it so I'm looking forward to that! - - That's all from me for now feel free to ask me questions and comment any of your thoughts! QOTD: Who's your favorite HP professor? AOTD: Snape and Dumbledore 😇🙌🏽

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adventures in babysitting 😊✨ Although I'm home alone with my two little brothers today, my boyfriend and friend are across the country in Washington D.C. on a trip to see the inauguration. I'm there with them in spirit - though, if I were really there, I'd probably be participating in the Women's March! I firmly believe that when women unite, we can do anything. Stay strong, and stay safe if you're in any marches today! ❤

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Why am I so gay like when did God decide to make me this gay was he like "well here's Jane. Let's add a bit of glitter, a bit of darkness, a bit of fangirl, a bit of obsession, and a bit of rainbow- whoops. Well then, we'll just add the whole lot of rainbow who cares" like I'm 90% sure that's how it went there's no other explanation • • {Credits: @viria94} • • #maraudersera #maraudersheadcanon #wolfstar #wolfstarheadcanon #remuslupin #siriusblack #jamespotter #moony #padfoot #prongs #jkrowling #hp #harrypotter #tumblr #maraudersfanart #fanart #hpfanart #wolfstarfanart #viria

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