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Comment from KFlow:

Snapchats giving me heterochromia lol differentcoloredeyes blonde haircut snapchat flowers mondaynotsofunday blondehair happygirl happylife restdaygotmelike blondebalayage blondehairdontcare feelingfancy feelinggood smile justbreathe wakeprayslay cheese haircut bodyunderconstruction staythecourse fitnessgoals fitchick ifeelpretty

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Sonny Baxter


Comment from Sonny Baxter:

Three races next year time to get it noexcuses @spartanrace ... fitness motivation shredding grindhard trainingmask3.0 training beachbody spartan godschild follow4follow yoga focus ocr battleropes instagram namaste run core balance justbreathe gymfreak takeover GoPro gymlife advocare corepower fcancer

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Jennifer Novak Rios


Comment from Jennifer Novak Rios:

Monday Vibes ✌❤ JustBreathe YogaMindset DontHateMeditate

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Briana Kylee


Comment from Briana Kylee:

Breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens. justbreathe letitgo beyou doyou foryou mondaymotivation

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Lisa Kempster


Comment from Lisa Kempster:

Inhale P O S I T I V I T Y ✨ Exhale N E G A T I V I T Y ✨ justbreathe inhalepositivity exhalenegativity calm peace mindful gratitude clearyourmind positivevibes blessed thankyou

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Comment from Marie:

I don't even know what I'm doing here but it felt cool at the time lol. I've been super in my head lately. I feel like I'm trying to find my groove and my path. I have so many ideas of things I want to do but they all feel unattainable. I guess that's my anxiety holding me back. Ugh! I'm stronger than this ✨✌🏼️yoga meditation anxiety justbreathe strength gardenyoga purpose

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Learning a new way of life 🕉️


Comment from Learning a new way of life 🕉️:

Gotta keep this in mind. om justbreathe 🕉️

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Comment from A_K_G_:

This picture gives me hope it will work out and they will live happy lives side by side. havealittlefaith foreveryoung holdtight justbreathe

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betsy kimmel


Comment from betsy kimmel:

Aloha from Kona! Enjoy your moment! We are going to do just that this week... enjoy each and every moment - see you next Monday! . . . . kona yoga oakislandnc southportnc stjamesplantation laughandbreatheyoga baldheadislandyoga supyoga mindfulness chuuk privateyogateacher justbreathe onlineyogateacher onlineyoga technologyrocks namaste naturalbeauty

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Gerrie Walters


Comment from Gerrie Walters:

This used to be so funny UNTIL I BECAME A NURSE, too. HAPPY RESPIRATORY CARE WEEK to all of my RT peeps!!! Keep doing what you do 🙌🏼 justbreathe respiratorytherapist heyrespiratory registeredrespiratorytherapist rrt neonatalrespiratorytherapist pediatricrespiratorytherapist

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Angela Callisto


Comment from Angela Callisto:

It’s the mondayest Monday ever. I’m just gonna sit here a while. Alone. And breathe. justbreathe

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Joanie Lea ♏ )0(


Comment from Joanie Lea ♏ )0(:

Indeed....✌ onthisday memory facebook yogis balance yogagirl itswhatido tripod headstand yogisofinstagram yogaismymedicine yogaismytherapy yogainspiration instagood mylife justbreathe focus

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Take Time Retreats


Comment from Take Time Retreats:

Don’t let a few nerves get the better of you or you might miss out on something amazing... doitforyou jumpin findyourbrave livestrong

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Comment from Buenaforma.yoga:

Day 6️⃣ of strongandsuppleyogi brings me to a pose I really enjoy practicing. And then (insert dramatic pause) and really dislike the video I shot for the challenge . I could have recorded another one, right? Show my “better pose” from a “better angle”......but something cool is taking place during this . I am @becoming more able to sit with this that make me uncomfortable, so here it is everyone 🎉 Thank you again @fitnessbyerin @bitsybottom @omstarsofficial for putting this in motion. I love having a focus, a constant nudge to just go ahead already! yoga yogastudent yogateacher yogachallenge justbreathe steady perserverance yogaeverydamnday backbend backbends urdvadhanurasana

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Helder Hugo


Comment from Helder Hugo:

justbreathe eddievedder pearljam music guitarpicking

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Jade • LMT#8320 • E3739


Comment from Jade • LMT#8320 • E3739:


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Comment from Emme:

I asked Ky to bring me up some shirts & he knew exactly which ones to bring 😂 // “She loved life and it loved her right back”, even with tired eyes, crazy hair & stuck with a bunch of tubes, I am standing and walking without assistance❣️ Today was a better day, still tough, but crushing my goals 💪🏻 . . . . tubie chronicillness invisibleillness ivpole senses butyoudontlooksick smasyndrome raredisease inpatient surgery progress autoimmunedisease pots spd autoimmunewarrior spoonie spoontheory health wellness healing fight educate advocate superlovetribe superlovetees awareness justbreathe takebackyourlife

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Comment from Yaya:

I believe that even in darkness, beauty can be found. That forgiving others and yourself doesn't mean you are weak. Setting boundaries for your time and your space doesn't make you mean. Walking away from what no longer serves you doesn't make you a coward. "Forgiving someone isn't approving how they wronged you, rather it's no longer allowing their wrong to define you." - Rachel Wolchin MeToo forgive LetGo

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Brittany Anderson


Comment from Brittany Anderson:

Anyone else need this today? It’s ok mama, you get a fresh start tomorrow 💗 - - - Repost from @baobeimaternity ohmonday

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Yoga Mudra


Comment from Yoga Mudra:

Eu sou inspiração, ele materialização. Eu sou céu, ele é chão. Eu sou sonho, ele realização. Somos diferentes e nos completamos, no sentido de transbordar aquilo que somos. Nada me falta, mas ele me completa. Ele não pratica yoga mas faz parte da minha estabilidade, fortaleceu minhas raízes, mas não enfraqueceu minhas asas. Gratidão @cechetti por me ajudar a realizar tudo aquilo que me faz sonhar. ❤️✨Que a energia das águas possa apagar todo o fogo da chapada🍀yogatododia yogachannel yogamudra yogamudrabr meditaçãoguiada meditaçãogratuita mindfulness justbreathe meditação autodesenvolvimento autoconhecimento youtube youtuber dharma propósito lifeonyoga santosha amor yoganature yogapose chapadadosveadeiros

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Staci Shaub


Comment from Staci Shaub:

Every Sunset 🌅 Is An Opportunity To Reset! Whether Its Your Job, Your Relationships, Your Family, Or Life In General- Always Take Some Time For You🙌🏻 Relax, Breathe, Let Go And Just Live 🙏❤️ mondaymeditation live life taketimeforyou wellness mindfulness justbreathe behappy hawaii ytt200

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Comment from OceanLife:

"Real poetry, is to live a beautiful life. To live poetry is better than to write it." - Matsuo Basho .....Beautiful Fire Agate and Crazy Lace Agate Knotted Mala. This gemstone promotes relaxation, enhancing meditation. It is calming and instills a sense of safety and security. -- -- -- fireagate meditationbeads yogastyle intentionalliving yogaeverydamnday healingcrystals madewithlove exhalelove fireelement chakrabalancing justbreathe intention yogaforlife japameditation poetry inversionjunkie knottedmala svadhishthanachakra sacralchakra

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Elizabeth Sordyl


Comment from Elizabeth Sordyl:

This is one of my favorite smoothies for detoxing. 1/2 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup spinach, 1-2 cup cucumbers, 1 tablespoon helps seeds (which are filled with omega 3’s and 10grams of protein, 2 cups coconut water. detoxsuperfoods justbreathe

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Roxane L Goss


Comment from Roxane L Goss:

Mindfulness Monday! Mindfulness is a great practice for its many benefits. It can ease stress, anxiety and worry. Calming the mind. Focusing on our breathing is the epitome of self-care. Learning to first breath intentionally can be a good first step in learning mindfulness. Here is a short practice you can use each morning: Practice… * Before getting out of bed, intentionally focus on your breath. * Take at least seven deep conscious breaths. * Thank your breath for faithfully sustaining you from the first moment of your life until now. Throughout your day… * Become aware of your breath and express gratitude for it Return to breath. Do you practice mindfulness as part of your grief process?

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Andrew Babcock


Comment from Andrew Babcock:

12 sets of 2 after working up to a 85% single ... still feel shit when I try to train since the cold 😡 ... should be back to normal soon!!! deadlift strongmantraining strongman strength cfwarrior cysticfibrosis justbreathe cf fitness fitnessmotivation @dbabcock36 @granitebarbellny

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Tilt At Wyndmills Photo ☘️


Comment from Tilt At Wyndmills Photo ☘️:

Changes in latitudes... changes in attitudes... 🌴 Couldn't spend one more minute on I-95 so I drove East to A-1A and it worked. The stress washed out to sea... 🚘 🏖🙏🏻 omm justbreathe zen rushhouralternative stopandsmellthesaltwater postcardsfromFlorida

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Kelsey Wiedenhoefer


Comment from Kelsey Wiedenhoefer:

::Back in the Studio:: Today I incorporated some of the deep hip stretches into my sessions that I learned while in LA at @gstbody. Using the springboard and long yellow springs I propped myself up on a yoga block and hooked the foot straps around my arches. The pull back and traction of the spring helps get deeper into the joint as well as lengthen the adductor. Pro tip: hook your sitz bones off the edge of the block so you are just on the meat of your booty. Articulate through your feet slowly to feel the full point and flex to strengthen them. Also manually press down on the femur and roll it back to open up the hips more. This stretch makes you feel lighter, longer, and more free to move after sitting in it a couple minutes.

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Comment from jillebean25:

Today’s ✅ list... blessings bekind justbreathe countyourblessings loveyourlife ❤️ thankful grateful

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Ernesta & D Healthy Living


Comment from Ernesta & D Healthy Living:

stressfulday justbreathe tomorrowwillbebetter meditate

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Comment from kelly:

What do you do when you are stressed , exhausted with chronic migraines and insomnia... Why paint in your pants of course arttherapy artforthesoul geometric inkedgirls legs acrylicpaint blues greys edinburgh edinburghart lovetopaint justbreathe healfromtheinsideout mentalhealth colour tattoos feelfree love findingmyinnerpeace relax migraine

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Comment from Nancypics:

You're so beautiful,no matter what they say... Happy birthday to you, love you ❤ ❤ ❤ sisterbirthday love natureview seaview bluesky beach nature horizon skyporn travel clouds waves majestic_view igers golden_focus vsco naturescape magoito frame_killers 15aoburro aminhavisao justbreathe girl talentoportuguespt visual_squarealo_shotbytheroad_faded_worldclick2inspire

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Comment from _empathfromtheeast_:

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature".......~Gerard De Nerval~ blessed be )0( 💖💖💖vibratehigher justbreathe trusttheuniverse empathy empath empaths lightworker lightworkersunited empathsofinstagram lightworkersofinstagram spirituality spiritual spirit meditation awakened awakening wicca wiccan energy manifest spells witchcraft mood witchesofinstagram neopagan pagansofinstagram

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Taras Levchenko


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