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Connie Maheswaran


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Hi guys! 🙂 Introducing the ducks who live not so far from my current place of living 🦆🦆🦆 They aren't afraid of people mostly, are very noisy and walk on snow so funny. 😁 Sorry for blurry me again - it's either HQ Connie or HQ ducks and pigeons! 🤗 • • #stevenuniverse #su #rebeccasugar #pearl #amethyst #garnet #connie #conniemaheswaren #lapislazuli #peridot #lapidot #connverse #stevenxconnie #conniexsteven #stevonnie #ruby #sapphire #rosequartz #pinkdiamond #bluediamond #yellowdiamond #cartoonnetwork #ducks #pigeon #duck #saintpetersburg #russia

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Gay Space Rocks🌈


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birb mum


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Summer Mcclure


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^m/w MallThugFam™


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Skendri Vlusha | 15 | He/Him


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☾∆ Malin ∇☽

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Merriam Nixon


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💙💙💙 My new bracelet stack from @mymalanecklace (and @rwsnixon) Blue Lace Agate . Labradorite . Lapis Lazuli . Stones are given properties and symbolism and if you want to read up more on that, please check out her page and website, but I will just say that this piece is delicate and pretty, makes lovely little clicking sounds, rather like knitting needles, and suits my personality. 💙🔘⭕🔘 Thank you to the hosts of #wheelyfunyogis for selecting this prize, for me, and thank you to #mymalanecklace and all generous companies for sponsoring online challenges and giving people a fun little sport and wellness goal. . . . #yogastrength #igyogimoms #novascotia #dailyyoga #practiceandalliscoming #christianyogi #fingertattoo #stopdropandyoga #yogachallenge #mala #bluelaceagate #labradorite #lapislazuli

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💧Lapis Lazuli💧


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Moon Nectar Apothecary


#gemessence #crystalcandles #rosequartz #lapislazuli #quartz #citrine #fluorite #handmade Black: Element: Earth + Water Planets: Pluto + Saturn Moon Phase: New Moon Chakra: Root Intentions: Challenges, Beginnings, Transformation, Karma, Release from Fear, Change, Grounding, Renewal Sea Foam: Element: Water Planet: Venus Zodiac: Pisces Moon Phase: Waning Moon Chakra: Throat Intention: Compassion, Gentleness, Harmony Blue: Element: Water Planet: Jupiter, Moon + Neptune Zodiac: Aquarius, Sagittarius + Gemini Moon Phase: Waning Moon Chakra: Throat Intention: Spiritual Awareness, Change, Communication, the mind, Justice, Pregnancy/ Childbirth, Fertility, Visions, Wisdom, Happiness, Psychic Ability Green: Element: Earth + Water Planet: Earth, Mercury + Venus Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn + leo Moon Phase: Full Moon Chakra: Heart Intention: Abundance, Accomplishment, Action, Attraction, Business, Courage, Longevity, Wealth, Peace, Luck, Money, Well-being Pink: Element: Air + Fire Planet: Venus Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra Moon Phase: Full Moon Chakra: Heart Intention: Beauty, Acceptance, Affection, Attraction, Compassion, Creativity, Emotions, Friendship, Love, Marriage, Romance, Self-work/love, Warmth Purple: Element: Water Planet: Neptune + Jupiter Zodiac: Sagittarius + Scorpio Moon Phase: Full Moon Chakra: Crown + Third Eye Intention: Astral Realm, Awareness, Clairvoyance, Enlightenment, Healing, Growth, Divination, Intuition, Magic, The senses, Spirituality, Wisdom

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Lapis Lazuli


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Went home sick from school today kms But on he other hand were probably going out to buy me a skateboard woo! Then again what sucks tomorrow it'll be around 70 degrees and dry and I'll be at fucking confirmation all day because it takes us an hour to drive down there and an hour back.. then Saturday it's back to 36 degrees - #stevenuniverse #rebeccasugar #cartoonnetwork #lapislazuli #lapidot

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