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Comment from Aylin💕:

Guten Abend meine hübschen ✨ von mir gibt es heute mal ein anderes Bild 🙈 da ich leider mein #healthyfood nicht fotografiert habe 😂 also muss mal ein #selfie her 👀🤓 also ja Leute -> das bin ich 😂 Was geht heute bei euch so?💕 Was habe ich heute so sinnvolles getan ? Ich hatte heute ein super 🍑 #booty🍑 Training und ein super leckeres #breakfast 🌟 Dann habe ich mein Video für morgen angefangen zu schneiden 📽 und nun sitze ich auf der Couch und tue nichts ☺️ #me #myself #I #selfie #brownhair #greeneyes #love #boring #saturdaynight #saturday #healthylife #heaven #love #life #berlin

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Comment from Jessica Baudelaire:

honestly all I want is a friend, someone who I can trust and who can trust me and we can talk abut whatever and everything and nothing is awkward or forced and we support each other and keep in touch and send eachother funny things. I feel like such a fucking loser for reaching out to ppl on ig, sending them pictures I think they would find funny or tagging them in something I thought they'd like when I don't even know them. Idk. Instagram is the closest thing to a social life I have at this point and I can't help but feel like an all around idiot

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Comment from Sarah (23):


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Comment from Tochi Nwosu:

Love this woman so much!!! She is such a great mother. She came down from Texas just to visit me for my post birthday celebration. Always thanking God for her being in my life.

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