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2 Seconds ago The Biggest Video - Movie and Music Archive



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Понедельник такой понедельник)Все так же, все там же😉💪🏻 #baza_dance . А вообще тяжеленький денек😔 Спасибо @29.6.97 за вытертые слезы и поднятие настроения😘"А ты шаришь"😂И да, буква "П" пока немного не моя😄 . Всем сладких снов)😇И да, не болейте🙏🏻 . . . #SaintP #SPb #inspiration #motivation #followme #follow #girl #lifestyle #business #sport #sportstyle #Питер #СПб #vsco #vscorussia #dance #fit #dancefit

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Антон Сорокин и Мария Довойно


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The Luxury Hall™


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Luxury Mercedes interior🔥 Can you name this model?💥 Double tap if you love this😍 Follow➡️ @theluxuryhall

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Kristina Klara Lygnugaryte


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Twinkz ⭐️


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When you're making unhealthy choices but you put a fake apple there just to make yourself feel better. Guilty much 😯

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Tanner Fehring


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Find the light in every situation. Kick todays ass! Start this week off great!!! LIMITSNOMORE.COM

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Fine dining at @dandylionbondi with @christina_slifestyle. This restaurant has a high end/ chic decor with the most warm and rustic vibe once inside. Whether you're a foodie, an interior decor fanatic, or enjoy a good cocktail, this place is for you. Here we have the red quinoa bowl, the pineapple curry, and the steamed greens; all a big success in my book ✨ definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Sydney.

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Richard Labaki


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Medicine Ball Roll Up/Pullover: you could say this is a hybrid exercise, which derives its influences from both pilates and body-building. I like the stretch it induces in the chest and shoulder muscles (in the start position.) Rolling up requires the activation of both the chest and core muscles. The aim is to press the ball towards your feet before rolling back. #workout #fitness #gym #fitfam #health #motivation #healthy #bodybuilding #exercise #fit #weightloss #training #fitlife #muscle #fitspo #lifestyle #instafit #gains #gymlife #body #strength #yoga #getfit #beastmode #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #healthyliving #noexcuses #nopainnogain #muscles

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Obsessed with macarons lately! These are so yummy and from Trader Joe's ❤️💛💚💙💜

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..Meant to wear it? 🤔 Thank you @zaful for the bikinis you sent me they are LUSH!! 💋 #shellbikini

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Roses And Rosé


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🌍 g l o b e t r o t t e r 🌎


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Lory Deva


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Jonathan Doyle

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There is no secret sauce. Over the last year I've been struck by the fact that the ultimate principles to building a life of success and purpose are so few. After I read the book, The Talent Code, I realised that event the concept of talent was massively overrated. In the end it seems to come down to knowing what you really want and why it matters to you and then doing the hard work and refusing to quit. Yesterday I was listening to Grant Cardone while on a training ride and he was going on and on about not quitting. It seems that the ability to stay the course, to not quit when you desperately want to see to be absolutely essential. So often we all feel like giving up on something. It seems that it is so much easier to just quit and walk away. It seems like the universe (God) is testing us. There seems to be some kind of cosmic principle that tests whether or not we are really prepared to go the distance. It the ultimate question when you face hard time....'How bad do you really want it?" I pray that today you will find a deeper capacity to stick at the things that really matter for you. It might be a relationship. It might be a work or study or athletic goal. I pray that you will find the ability to stick at it, to not quit. In some ways it's also not just about you. What happens when a family becomes a family of quitters? What happens when a team or a club or a church or a nation becomes a nation or a club or a church of quitters? Your ability to stick with it when things are tough is bigger than you. Your courage and example gives other people courage and example. Hang in there. You'll get where you want to get if you don't quit. #instagood #instaquote #grit #grind #positive #jonathandoyle #goals #love #me #follow #photooftheday #entrepreneur #webstagram #instacool #instadaily #bestoftheday #hardwork #tbt #self #beautiful #fun #business #cute #motivation #personaldevelopment #work #effort #entrepreneurship #dreams #lifestyle

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Nicola Hartman


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Cold shower with the music on Hoping the sounds will drown them out till you're sober now

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