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•●DAILY TAROT/ORACLE READING●• I've set the intention for my (general) reading to reach you at the EXACT moment it is meant to reach it doesn't matter when you come across this message since "time" isn't linear anyway!😊😄° Now on to your reading!!! 👇 Dear one, there is something or someone very dear to your heart. This could be an idea of yours? Or a dream? A goal? Or like I said a lover? Which ever way this pertains to you, you are emotionally, energetically, mentally, physically etc.. you name it, basically COMPLETELY, whole heartedly invested in it & dedicated to this. What ever or who ever this is, is SO important to you? I feel like for some of you, you would even be willing to sacrifice anything and everything for this thing/or person? That is how important it is to you. I feel like you've had to stick it out/perservere with this in some way? There have been many obstacles in your way, a lot of challenges and A LOT of OPPOSITION from others I am hearing! Whether it be your peers, friends, family, partner, co-workers etc.. I feel like for many of you they didn't like/or agree with this dream/goal/idea you have? Or this person who you love? (Some of them were downright jealous of you) And these people have tried to discourage you and dissuade you and steer you away from your dream/goal/wish or this person who you love? And you have had to be on the defense 24/7 it seems, fighting off their "attacks" "negativity" etc. I feel like it was so hard on you!!!! But still.. regardless.. you kept the faith! You kept believing & stayed true to what YOUR HEART tells you, to your dream/goal/wish or this person who you love. I keep hearing the word "SAFE" so I feel you have been strongly protective of whatever or who ever this is? Never allowing anything or anyone to steer you off the path YOUR SOUL knows is meant for you! And guess what dear one.. I feel like the end to all of this strife and opposition, trials, tribulations and what not.. is near! I hear you going like "I TOLD YOU SO", "I ALWAYS KNEW" , "I SHOWED THEM" So I feel something major happening? Very positive shift? Your ships come in? Your pay off is here? You.. (READ MORE BELOW⬇⬇)

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Comment from Ocean ∞ Soul:

An open Heart, that loves brings magical things. It opens you up to great compassion and taps you into your passion and sensuality. All of this lies in your Heart chakra, located in the center of your chest, it is so incredibly important we keep it clear and open. Overtime, once we experience pain and unpleasant situations, blockages are created in this area which can hinder our trust, and connection, both to ourselves and others. It's time to heal these, to access all the passion and love that you seek. You can take a rose, real or an image like this card for example, place it in front of your heart and close your eyes. Imagine the red rose blossoming and clearing everything away. You may have flashbacks of the past, don't judge these, just watch them go by. The Angels will make sure you are in safe hands. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone ❤😚 #PantaRhea #RedRose #flowertherapy #flower #nature #gaia #dailyangelcard #angelcardreading #angelcardreader #angelicreiki #angelicreikitherapy #angels #crystals #crystalhealing #healer #lightworker #higherconsciousness #spiritual #spirituality #webstagram #vscocam #instafollow #instamood #instagram #hippie

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especially for the creatives and overthinkers: you have a gift that will help heal the world. it is love💕 and you, YES YOU, always have access to it. you get to choose whether to let this love flow out of you in every situation/interaction or to suppress it. you are deserving of it in every moment. and even if you don't think ppl deserve your love, you deserve to express it always, jah feel?? as you can see I talk a lot! my creative energy flows like water thru my throat chakra. channeling love to others makes my heart sing. but you know what was my biggest challenge in my dark night of the soul? SPEAKING my truth. I was always shy and quiet. too nice to everyone. a pushover. until i got hurt so bad I vowed to myself to never hold back my true feelings again. your biggest weakness is your biggest strength too. go get em. • • #awakening #lightworker #empath #awake #woke #loveandlight #mentalhealth #detox #selfhelp #namaste #spiritual #happiness #innerpeace #meditation #yoga #depression #anxiety #health #wellness #healing #vegan #plantbased #healthylife #purpose #passion #success #healthcoach

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Comment from Alexandra:

Ma lil angel knows what's up 👼🏿// she's a bomb as zero waste vegan w a dope as vegan page called @veganeaaats // baby girl since day one // go check 😌💓✨🌙☁️// loooooove and light hehe 11:11

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Comment from katie_jane.wright:

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So before you ask.... she is wearing shoes (not coconuts) from @Toms 💕 • • • From @reesuhh - Every time I see a rainbow, I have take a minute to appreciate it's incredible beauty. Nature will never cease to amaze me. 💕 (edit: leave my feet alone. theres grass over my toe. get over it.) ✌🌻 . . . #hippierainbows #rainbows #whatsyour20 #hippie #hippiechick #hippiechic #rainbow #rainbowwarrior #girlswithtattoos #wcw #girlswithtatts #Ahimsa4Yoga #lightworkers #veganvip #gratitudeismyattitude #lightworker #beachy #beachbum #yogafam #girlswholikegirls #pride #hippiegirl #vegangirl #vegancommunity

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Illuminate 💫 Shine your brightest light ✨ BE the vibrance you are!

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😊😊😊😊😊 selfish and proud lol I love people but at the same time right now I need a lot of alone time to learn and heal. I am still always here for them but it is not wrong to want alone time. this is when I discover myself ... 👁 • • #awakening #lightworker #empath #awake #woke #loveandlight #mentalhealth #detox #selfhelp #namaste #spiritual #happiness #innerpeace #meditation #yoga #depression #anxiety #health #selfish #healing #vegan #plantbased #healthylife #purpose #passion #success #healthcoach

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Comment from Yeoman Essentials:

Today's theme is on ADHD and childhood education. This may hurt be too brutal for some, but it may be exactly what some parents need to hear. I'm hoping it's more of the latter.

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