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No tg sueño o o o

29 Seconds ago The Biggest Video - Movie and Music Archive


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Juegos y caricias que te harán volar😈😝

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'İnsanları, Beraber soluk alacak kadar çok sevmeyin, Bir gün giderlerse sizi soluksuz bırakabilirler.'💙💙💙 GÜNAYDIN 🙋GOOD MORNİNG 🙋

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Mamá De Pascal Antonella😘😍


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Y estos la pasan malito... Los viejos queridos ❤

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This feels like 09'. Where they did this to him. Wished death on him. Fans left. People immediately hated him. And one thing I have to say is.....Educate yourself on this situation of right now. Chris didn't sign the papers of the fight because he's already trying to build up more of his image again, he's a MAN, A FATHER, he had a documentary releasing, a album releasing, THIS WAS GOING TO BE HIS YEAR, his clothing line is now one of the highest selling, and he just announced a tour. Then boom. Every time he's doing good the devil comes to break one of God's strongest angels born. This situation is out of hand and should've been kept private. From viewing everything.. this accusation is false. How the FUCK was Chris living with EJ? CHRIS ALWAYS HAD HIS OWN FUCKING SPACE, NEVER HAS HE LIVED WITH ANYONE. KARRUECHE LIVED WITH HIM!!!! If you heard all this shit and called police, it would've already released. Nobody knows how fucking heart breaking this is when someone you love with all your heart goes through hate every day. IF YOU'RE A REAL CHRIS BROWN FAN YOU'VE FELT EVERYTHING WITH HIM. Yes I have my fucking disagreements with Chris because not all the shit he does is right and never will be. It's hard being Team Breezy and I damn sure give credit to who is still here today & fighting this storm we're in. Remember Jesus died on the cross because he was successful! They were jealous of him. Michael Jackson! A legend hated and killed by his doctor. He's a fucking human who battles his demons every day. My heart is truly broken that people really think like this and you know what irks me? "Why does his fans go in her comments saying things like that?" Guess what bitch? They do the same shit to him and you don't expect us to accept that? You want to see us pissed off? Now welcome to Team Breezy bitch.

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Camila Fernanda💕


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No te metas con mis labiales puto jajaja

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Millαrαy Cαrrier🌺



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