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If you lose someone but find yourself, you won.

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Millennium Tiles 800x1200mm (32x48) Brilliante PGVT Porcelain XXL Floor Tiles Series - PMT_22 - Six colour Technology: This six colour digital colour printing process uses CMYK inks plus a lighter shade of cyan (LC) and magenta (LM) to create more realistic tiles. - HD Technology: High-definition technology (HDT) provides a resolution that is substantially higher that of standard-definition tiles. - CF Technology: "CF" stands for "Crystal Fortification" This technology is mainly used in the "Brilliante HD" & "Rubosto HD" series. The composition of special chemicals are applied on the tiles after the printing process which fortified the tiles against "discolouration" and "distortion" in print. Due to the "CF" technology, the life of the printing increases almost the double of its counterparts. - Random Technology: The random feel technology give a full natural feeling and variations in every type of design, more realistic and artistic. - Digital Technology: For details, Digital printing technology in ceramic tiles enables us to print anything and everything onto the tiles with unlimited & everlasting colours. Feel effect with punches, grooves & tappers. Unlike the limitation of same design on a number of tiles. Technical Data: - Quantity/Box: 2 Tiles - Thickness/Tile: 9.12mm - Water absorption: < 0.1% - Coverage area/Box: 1.92m² - Weight/Box: 55kg - 121.25lbs - Appearance: Polished #porcelain #marble #tiles #floortiles #interiordesign #interiors #homeimprovement #flooring #realestate #tilelove #tile #tileaddiction #interiorarchitecture #interiorinspiration #homestyling #commercialdesign #officedesign #retaildesign #boutiquehotel #nightclubdesign #fitnessclubdesign #theaterdesign #Hospitalitydesign #luxuryrealestate #designideas #designinspiration #trending #interiorstyling #b2bproducts

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That marble isn't going to cut itself 👊

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