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Pancit canton hair 💁🏼

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Press ▶️ and enjoy this Deep Vivid Blue 🎥 by @jayrua_glam 🦋

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Hair Models Needed! 3 more spots opened up for the “Mermaid Challenge” willing to: ✅ take HSN for at least 3 months ✅ a 🌿 raw & natural 🌿 vitamin ✅ designed to grow hair long + strong! 😍💪🏼 �✅ by doing this for 3 months you get: �✅ HSN for 40% off!� Enjoy longer, healthier hair and nails! " �Comment below "HELP MY HAIR" to learn more now!� 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I have started my second month. I'm super excited to see my results!! #mermaidhair #hairskinnails #longnails #healthyskin #hairchallenge

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Comment from Freya Moore:

I deleted this last time I put it up bcos over exposed but my selfie game is weak so this is pretty much the only picture I have of my blue hair🐳🐬💙

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