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Excerpt from Ian MacKaye's new interview about DIY memes and his opinion on "selling out"

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Cicatrizadas no braço do Giuliano.

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I'm in a #punkrock mood for #vinylenlightenment! Today it's all about #minorthreat! The self-titled debut from Washington, D.C.'s quintessential kings of hardcore appeared on Dischord records which was ran by a young Ian MacKaye, who as vocalist for the band uttered some of its most incisive lyrics, not to mention athletic and exuberant performances. Minor Threat are comparable only to their fellow D.C. innovators, Bad Brains, possibly the next most influential group in American underground music during the '80s and '90s. Not only did Minor Threat define the hardcore ethic, they unwittingly coined the genre term straight-edge, which would resonate through post-punk music and beyond, from garages in southern California to the rest of the Western world. Regardless of the multiple incarnations the hardcore genre has weathered, fans will always return to Minor Threat as the godfathers of American punk. This vinyl reissue compiles the ;first 2 7-inches EP's. That said, if an acquaintance, sibling, or the like doesn't have a copy of this album lying around, well, that would be tantamount to having never witnessed Pink Floyd's The Wall or the Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks. #IMakeComics #Records #VinylJunkie #VinylPorn #VinylRecords #Music #punk #audiophile #livingmydreams #art #vinyladdict #records_feature #recordsleeve #turntable #earcandy #vinylcollection #vinylcommunity #vinyligclub #vinylmeplease #punkrocker #🎵

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