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Things got heated before TV appearance. The two fighters got in each other's faces and almost came to blows minutes before appearing on air. . (UFC 189 // World Tour, March, 2015) . @thenotoriousmma

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Behind every great driver, there's a great team. I'm probably the biggest Kenseth fan ever, but I'm not rooting for just the driver, the sponsor, the car manufacturer, I'm rooting for Matt AND the team. Teams win championships. The rest of us are just lucky to witness it. So I just wanna give the 20 team a HUGE shoutout because if it wasn't for you guys kicking butt day in and day out, Matt wouldn't have as much success as he does. All of us fans are happy and proud of you guys! Let's get it this year! #YearOfKenseth #kensethnation #mattkenseth #joegibbsracing #nascar #jgr #toyota #toyotaracing #trd #nascrracing #teamwork #2017 #mattkenseth20 #monsterenergy #monsterenergynascarcupseries

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