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#fbf Grocery shopping for fruits and veggies w/ my little helper.🌿🍇🍌🍅🍏🍋🍒 From 2 years of age to about 6 or 7, children are often more averse to trying new foods (Dover, 2008). Below are some research based (*) as well as more anecdotal tips for getting kids in this age range to eat more healthfully. Regardless of scientific rigor behind each one, they will all surely increase kids' exposure to healthy foods, provide younger ones with increased opportunities to learn new words and provide older ones with important life skills as well as help them understand why eating healthfully is important. 🙋Get them involved Kids who are involved in planning meals, going grocery shopping, and preparing food will become invested in the process and be more likely to eat. 🍎Make healthy snacks available Work by researcher Brian Wansink* suggests that parents and kids alike will consume more of what's most readily available. Placing healthier foods in plain sight on counters, cabinets, the refrigerator etc. Increases the likelihood these foods will be requested and grabbed first. 🚸Be a role model A crossectional study by Osera et al (2012) found that young children’s food preferences are significantly related to what foods their mothers liked and disliked. Given our children are constantly watching and imitating what we do, it's important that they see us frequently consuming the foods we encourage them to eat. #healthykids #healthybaby #prenatal #postnatal #toddler #pregnancy #newmom #breastfeeding #nutrition #kidrecipes #vitamins #babyfood #cleaneats #wholefoods #plantbased #paleo #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan #grainfree #fruitsandveggies #natural #fresh #growth #progresspic #gainz #wholebodywellness #nutritionistapproved

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