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Introducing my initial first Lionheart creation. This little baby brought me all the inspiration to create more. I started creating the first one with no sketches at all, just listening to beautiful music and thinking ways of how I can explore the beautiful world 🏞🍃 I was inspired by the deep sea. I pondered and wondered how many beautiful lives are inside, how many sea stories untold. I sealed this little Lionheart and brought it to life by placing 3 peridots and adding an opal flake. Peridots are ancient gemstones dating back to Pharaohs in Egypt. It alleviates jealousy, resentment and stress. They are great crystals for those who have self-esteem issues. I created this in hope it brings extra confidence for someone out there. 🍀🌾 Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to DM me :) always here for you 🍃 ♡ ♡ #crystals #peridot #opal #glitter #clay #polymerclay #premo #fimo #sculpey #baking #cooking #kawaii #octopus #cute #adorable #bug #handmade #homemade #arts #crafts #creative #lovely #followme #happy #craftsposure #etsy

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Hi I'm Trash


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Hi I'm Trash


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Dear followers: I may have gone overboard with the Starco shipping and that made me rage a lot lmao. But I'm not stopping you from other shipping. I don't want to argue with anyone because I've had several social media fights and they're exhausting trust me 😩 so go ahead and ship what you want, and I'll ship what I want, then we'll be cool, ok? I post my feelings about ships somewhat because a lot of people relate to me or I relate to them on thoughts about something. If you don't like me, or my thoughts, don't leave an ugly comment. Please just say nothing or unfollow. I'm not here for an argument, I started this account for my thoughts on Steven Universe and then later added Star vs the Forces of Evil and I'm sharing my thoughts on that. I hope you guys read this, thank you to anyone that does and thanks to people that understand. Well, that's about it. Just remember I'm a friendly person and I'm usually open to DMs (unless my data usage is high :P) so if you just wanna chat or something then please let me know 😊 thanks again! #steven #stevenuniverse #garnet #amethyst #pearl #connie #stevonnie #peridot #lapislazuli #lapis #jasper #lapidot #yellowdiamond #bluediamond #pinkdiamond #whitediamond #starvstheforcesofevil #starco #star #svtfoe #marco #marcodiaz #mewnie

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yellow or blue diamond? 💙💛

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Чудесный кулон с перидотом и лавой в серебре! Свернувшаяся кольцом змея непременно привлечёт внимание окружающих, а волшебные свойства камня принесут пользу счастливой обладательнице! Единственный экземпляр, создан балтийскими ювелирами на острове Богов. 💥Доступен к заказу - пишите мне в Директ!💥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #кулон #серебро #перидот #лава #натуральныекамни #авторскиеукрашения В качестве талисмана #перидот помогает человеку принимать нужные решения. Талисманом может служить любое изделие из этого минерала. Но нужно помнить, что плохой помощник в дурных делах. Перидот — #талисман людей, занимающихся коммерческой деятельностью, а также работой, связанной с частыми поездками. В современной магии перидот используется в качестве амулета, способного улучшить дружеские и семейные отношения, а также для достижения успехов в трудовой деятельности. 🌈Цена кулона❤️ - 1000 бат. #jewelry #snake #peridot #laavjewelry #lavastone #lava #bali #thailand #gift #souvenir #love #pendant #gold #greenstone

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