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Run faster. Lift heavier. Push harder. Too often we settle for the comfortable. Too often we fail to see things through. But you will never know your full potential until you test those limits & raise your hustle. For nearly every great accomplishment in life, you must win the battle in your mind, before you win in reality. Crush those tiny voices in your head that say you can't do it & show them that... Today, you are the one in charge. Today, you go all the way!

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Let's be positive a little bit for the day, shall we? Do you have a favorite color? I do😀 mine is the 💚GREEN💚 Tell me about yours and i'll tell you what's Its symbolism ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Green stands for balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. It’s the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress. In Japanese culture, green is associated with eternal life, and it is the sacred color of Islam, representing respect and the prophet Muhammad. #green #colors #positivevibes #positivequotes #positivelife #pisitivity #love #beauty #pure #balance #nature spring #islam #respect #happy #happiness #like4like #followme #follow4follow #followforfollow #followtrain #femmealgerienne

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