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Giulia Preziuso


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Achieving your goals takes a tremendous amount of work and requires that you surround yourself with people that believe in you. You are and you become the company that you keep, keep that company positive. #Truth #Confidence #Motivation #Success #Leadership #Recovery #Faith #Positivity #Courage #Hope #Purpose #Inspiration #Inspired #Depressed #Depression #Anxiety #Stress #Divorce #PTSD #Ana #Mia #Cat #Wisdom #Suicide #Cutting #MentalHealth #RelationshipGoals #Fitness #FitInspiration #DefiningMoments

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Sadie🕊 (she) Maya🐄 (she)


Stand up for who you are -Maya

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🌸 Flαzédα 🌸


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Exactly what today has been. Hasn't been good for a few of my friends either. But one good thing that did come out of it was my dad is taking off of work tomorrow and Friday so I can go to the barn alone tomorrow. ❤ Need some alone time with my girl because neither of us are doing too well. Ugh nobody is and it's so sad. This is gonna be one depressing year. Another good thing that happened today was I ate 2, almost 3 meals. 🎉 Almost 3 because I did have "breakfast" but it wasn't a meal. It was just some cake we'd gotten. 😂 But it was still food so that's what's important! I dk I don't really feel like talking to anybody tonight. I wanna lie in bed in the dark and watch YouTube videos. YouTube is like my escape from life. I can watch things and people that make me happy and forget about everything else. I met my best online friends through YouTube. It's made my life 1,000x better than it would be if I hadn't had it. 💕 #Chibird #Ghost #Today #Fine #ImFine #Sadness #Depression #Amazing #Friends #Friendship #Love #EatingDisorder #Anorexia #Recovery #Support #2fab4ana #Life #GoodNight #Positivity #Happiness

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Kristina Sutton


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💎 Jenny T 💎


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Regina Nohelani


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you've got to love yourself. you've got to wake up before dawn and watch the sky transform itself into a beautiful shade of pink and listen to the birds come alive. you've got to bake warm treats every weekend and eat them when it rains. most importantly, you've got to stop letting the things that won't matter in two years matter now. you've got to stop asking others for their opinions. everyday you've got to look at yourself long and hard in the mirror and say "you know what, I deserve so much more." you've got to stop settling. you've got to take charge of your life and do what makes you happy. ✨🤸🏽‍♂️👌🏼☀️ #happiness #goodvibes #positivity #light #change #enlightenment #shiftyourperspective #lovethyself #selflove #love

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Brooke Marie Photography


//If storms should come the we shall just dance in the rain\\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #photography #positivity

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maxwell 👼🏻⚧


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Sarah Marshall


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Gosh I miss these lil nuggets!! 😍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I can't believe the twins are almost a year old! When I heard Trisha was going into labor early I was at the beach, trying to relax, celebrate Noelle (as it was the 29th), and release the tension of the day. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I was worried sick. It wasn't time yet! They were supposed to stay put for another month at least!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I raced home, as if that would help. I felt so helpless and so out of the loop being so far away. All I could do was pray that she and the babies were ok. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• When I finally got word early into the 30th that they were ok and that Sloane was 3.3lbs and Cash 4lbs and they would be in the NICU for awhile I was relieved, but still worried about them. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I'm so eternally grateful that I have 2 gorgeous nieces and 1 handsome nephew. We are so incredibly blessed. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Auntie Sarah loves you to pieces! 💞 #tooblessedtobestressed #proudauntie

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Mama Squishy


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Each and every one of you is perfect In your own way. Each flaw is a sign that you have lived. The pieces of hair that'll never stay In place. The chub that you have on your belly. Those unwanted stretch marks. Every "flaw" that you think you have is beautiful in my eyes. Everyone deserves to be happy in there own body because this is the only body you'll ever have. 💕 I love you for who you are

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by Brendaliz De los Santos


You know that thing you've been avoiding becuase of fear and it just keeps coming back... do it and look at fear straight in the eyes and say, you got the wrong girl!

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L i n d s y ✨ C o l l


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Mindset Gems


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Jacqueline Adan


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I am so thankful for all of you!!! It was my hope that by sharing my journey I would be able to at least reach one person and in whatever way I can to help them to believe that anything is possible! I cannot thank you enough for all of the love, support and positivity that you have all shown me in just the few short months I have had my social media going! So in honor of my birthday I want to give you a present! When I was in Disneyland I not only bought myself a box of my favorite sugar free chocolate but I got a box for one of you as well!!!! Love you all so much!!! Rules for entry- 1.) Make sure you are following me 2.) Like this post  3.) Tag a friend in the comments below who might need a little motivation  4.) Comment and tell me who your favorite Disney character is! One winner will be chosen one week from today on March 1! Last day to enter will be February 28 All entries must be on this post! *I purchased this chocolate with my own money as a thank you! It is not sponsored by Disney or associated with Instagram in any way!

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🌟Janine Sclavunos🌟


Best way to end a CRAZY day...cinnamon stress ease tea in a fancy mug with a good book...some of my favorite things ☕️📚Thank you for the tea and mug @kaay_joan and @__elises__ 😊

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