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My favorite turtle for ever! Always fun drawing Raphael. Putting lots of attitude into my characters posture and poses is something I'm a big fan of so with each of these redesign/concepts for the TMNT team I'm looking for that aspect too. Even though it's just practice for character design and concept art I think it's good to practice like it's not just for practice. If that sense. :]] #matthewsutton #raphael #leonardo #michelangelo #donatello #conceptart #characterdesign #splinter #practice #traditionalart #draweveryday #illustration #illustrator #tip #sketchy #doodle #scribbles #sketchbook #orlandoartist #floridaartist #quicksketch #artistofinstagram #artistoninstagram #drawing

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Rise and Shine and Give God the glory! My Nonnie used to sing that to me when I was a little girl. Before I started my day today I added Half Lotus Tree Pose to my flow this morning. Half Lotus Tree Pose improves posture, balance, and concentration. It helps to create a calm and clear mind, free of extraneous worries and thoughts. This pose increases flexibility in the hip joints, knees, and ankles. It also strengthens the internal oblique muscles in the abdomen. Regularly practicing this pose regulates and balances the function of the central nervous and lymphatic systems, as well. Also I'm loving my new yoga outfit from @daughtersofculture! It's so colorful and soft!

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