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Darling Deer


Comment from Darling Deer:

Hey guys, I’m on sale at work today for only .99¢! Get your next disappointment for SUPER CHEAP today! • Single • White • Onion • ProductOfTheUSA • Work • Produce • Relationships • IGotJokes • Disappointment •

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Wanna One Kim Jae Hwan


Comment from Wanna One Kim Jae Hwan:

WANNA ONE JAEHWAN Profile 1 - WannaOne produce101season2 Produce 101 KimJaeHwan Jaehwan 김재환 워너원 Wannable 워너블 KangDaniel ParkJiHoon LeeDaeHwi OngSeongWoo ParkWooJin LaiGuanLin YoonJiSung YoonJiSung HwangMinHyun BaeJinYoung kpopf4f kpopl4l kpop 맞팔 셀스타그램 japan korea philippines boy

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●Dream●🎈innamorata dell'amore🌹


Comment from ●Dream●🎈innamorata dell'amore🌹:

My perfect Sunday I love you .❤️ edm dj dance rave edc tomorroland love music produce house flstudio hiphop djs dubstep edmfamily beats progressivehouse deephouse insomniacevents raveedmlifekandiplurdiplotechnoabletonrnbhousemusicteance

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Comment from amyvdavies91:

Got this little one for 5p - because it was dead. Little bit of patience, sunshine and water and we have an October harvest. 🌱☀️🌧🍅 autumn tomatoes plants gardening houseplants organic produce

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Mobile Coldroom NG


Comment from Mobile Coldroom NG:

5 Amazing Shrimp Facts 🍤 Happy Sunday Guys 😊😊 1. One shrimp can lay up to one million eggs in a single session. 2. Every shrimp is actually born a male and then become females as they mature. 3. Though they all look the same, there are over 128 species of shrimp. 4. Some shrimp can loudly snap their pincers. The ocean may look peaceful, but it can get pretty noisy below the surface when there are snapping shrimp around. Certain shrimp species are able to make a snapping sound that is louder than any other marine noise by hitting their large and small pincers together. It’s believed they do this to communicate with other shrimp or temporarily stun their prey. 5. Shrimp contain a cancer-fighting mineral. You’ll want to keep this shrimp information in mind: if the small crustacean is a part of your diet, it may reduce your risk of developing cancer. That’s because shrimp contain selenium, an antioxidant mineral that activates enzymes to fight the growth of cancer-causing free radicals. Bonus Fact: Shrimp are also low in calories, high in protein. For those trying to eat healthy, shrimp are a very low-calorie food which means you can eat quite a few without feeling guilty. Shrimp also have a lot of protein and are particularly good for you when served with healthy carbs, like brown rice or vegetables. MobileColdRoom Beautiful Africa foodblogger nigeria Lagos Healthy Delivery Produce Chicken AfricanFood MadeinNigeria Food SeaFood Croaker Fish Prawns ios Android Weekend Shrimp

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Aaron Morris


Comment from Aaron Morris:

Pumpkin Picking 🎃 🍂🌾pumpkinpatch foxesfarm produce

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Mónica Moreno Arellano


Comment from Mónica Moreno Arellano:

EatingByExample at the Freshsummit general session! berries produce

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Amber Baylor


Comment from Amber Baylor:

SIDE EFFECTS OF A HEALTHY BODY *********************************** Pretty freaking wonderful side effects if you ask me 😍😍 *********************************** 💅🏼 My nails are long, and they do not break. 🙆🏼 My hair is so strong, and no longer falling out at an alarming rate. (You know what I’m talking about—that trail of hair you leave everywhere. It’s not just annoying...it’s a sign of missing nutrition.) 🤳🏼 My skin is clear, with the occasional pimple that heals fast and doesn’t leave a scar. I no longer have to hide my skin with makeup. Trust me girls, it feels good to have the outside air actually touch your cheeks. *********************************** These magic beans DO NOT strengthen my nails and hair, or clear my skin. They fill the gap I had in my nutrition (despite eating healthy) allowing my body to do it on its own. Send me a message or comment below to learn more.

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Comment from ABSURT:

“Time to produce first batch of Absurt” absurttonic absurt tonic produce brewer herbs mixer mocktail cocktail danish andsoitbegins

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Comment from Nadwad:

Travels on a train alexandria cairo egypt countryside greenery country farmland nile fecundearth food produce farming farm vegetation train railway thisisegypt

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H And The Rest


Comment from H And The Rest:

Keyz and Padz... 🇵🇭🎧🌈 • HAndTheRest HatRs • music genre synth youtube electronics edm arrange compose produce flstudio instagram remix track playlist soundcloud lgbt facebook recording akai alesis korg sytrus piano

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Comment from Lezah_haze:

Harvest Time! - mangofruit The fruits of my Papa's hardwork . . . From farm to market!!! . . thankful harvest fruit blessed farmer farmerslife afarmersonlydaughter hardwork nature produce fresh tree agriculture igdaily instamood instagood green harvesting farmlife happy life lifestyle

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ilia gofstein


Comment from ilia gofstein:

Доброе Утро, Страна! ____________ sunday breakfast lazy morning food fujicolors localfarm produce softboiled egg yolk yellow fall colors everything breadthins smoked cheese genoa salami fujifilm x100f fujifood fujifeed

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Shawn Xavier


Comment from Shawn Xavier:

This what i do 5am...... Aldi grocer ...... produce fruits vegetables healthyeats...... workflow..... I DO NOT OWN right to this music.....

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Comment from USA TODAY Eats:

We caught a taste of Torino’s Sunday farmers market today . . . . . usatodayeats produce vegetables pears cabbage cheese lentils pumpkins carrots peppers eggplant farmersmarket torino italia turin italy travel eatlocal localmakers 📷 @ashday

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Comment from sayaka:

. . 健二郎の活躍~🖐💖 ぱいすらしょるだーばっく . 山下健二郎 bag member produce cool favorite unknownmetropoliz

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Christie Nadya


Comment from Christie Nadya:

[PAID PROMOTE PSYCHOLYMPIC] Do you need creative innovation to support your business? Or some beautiful crazy sparks to create your unforgettable event? And awesome interior construction to comfort and delight your space? Or just anything about creativity and art? Contact us now and make it awesome!! For more info: 📱 Line : ligeroproduction | 📞 0896 3964 3950 📧 info @ligeroproduction.com 🌐 www..com produce rent designservices businesssupport companystationery logo photography videography soundsystem lighting stage tent birthday concert bazaar exhibition gathering creative art construction decoration interior

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TrueMan McGee


Comment from TrueMan McGee:

Stuffed Acorn Squash Bowls(Quinoa , Portobello, Peppers) for today’s HarvestFest at Enderis Park, Milwaukee! 70th and Locust from 10-2pm! We also have 3 vegetarian options and Honey Habanero Buffalo Chicken🔥🔥🔥! See you guys at 10!! local healthy health food foodie foodporn produce original grilled harvest fresh vegan vegetarian eatclean mke milwaukee farmersmarket sunday funday endofseason NEVERDEEPFRIED getyourrollon

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The Knocks Farm


Comment from The Knocks Farm:

Feeding time for the piggies. They're getting bigger every day! . . . pigsofinstagram pigs pig piggies tamworth farmfood sustainablelivingfarmsmallholdingireland love producesustainablelifestyleselfsufficientgrowyourownhomegrownurbangardenersrepublic groworganicorganicorganicgardeningurbanorganicgardenerthehappygardeninglife farmlife farmtotable

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Jarvis The Fishmonger


Comment from Jarvis The Fishmonger:

You can never have enough mussels... (or clams!) 💪 fishing fisherman fish seafood fresh freshfish shellfish fishmonger southwestlondon london surrey market fishfoto fishkitchen fishboroughmarket produce fishy amazing love dinner lunch kingston

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Izabela Probert


Comment from Izabela Probert:

... a Croatian balcony in October ... 🍎🍊🌰 zagreb croatia croatia2017 croatiafulloflife chasingthedonkey ig_croatia harvest produce fresh localproduce autumn fall season seasonal reapwhatyousow grow homegrown offering fruit vegetables chestnuts pick grow locallife travel tradition storage natural healthy nutrition fiveaday

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Diego Barriga


Comment from Diego Barriga:

SCB plantation was kind enough to let us in for a peek. 1000 hectares, 50,000 tons of bananas, 90% headed to European markets. There are another 5 farms similar in size in Ivory Coast, all catering to the European consumer. From a baby banana tree to fully grown papa tree. This farm generates work for over 1,600 families and uses cocoa husks , a bi product of cocoa beans for fertilizer. Human efficiency is impressive at times 🙋🏻‍♂️ . . bananas abidjan ivorycoast produce healthy sustainable scenery jobcreation banana fresh farm farming cocoahusks africa hlpassion

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Comment from Ayaka♡:

🙇🏼‍♀️投稿うるさめゴメンナサイ🙇🏼‍♀️ . 【👰🏼🤵🏽♡Big day♡】 . 受付・ゲストルーム・高砂・生花・バルーン・テーブル・装飾など、全て自分でコーディネートしました🌿 ここまでやったから後悔無し!🌹🥂♡ʾʾ 思い描いていた通りの出来♬👰🏼🤵🏽🥂♡ʾʾ . ⇨⇨ (お兄といい甥っ子といい👶🏼何処からそのハーフ要素きたんだろꉂ🙊?w。え😑私には?w) コーディネート自画自賛 w 卒花しましたプレ花嫁卒花嫁wedding bouquetflowersgarden tablecoordinatecoordinateproduce

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Comment from ❤️:

fresh healthy beach water love HashmeApp island sweet yellow instafood fruits delicious produce healthyeating watermelons beauty goodmorning yummy ediblefruit girls summeriscoming loveher happy swim caribbean

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jenn de la Vega


Comment from jenn de la Vega:

Had an excellent night teaching @the.wing women about pickling fall produce with @localrootsnyc 🕊

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Darnell Farms


Comment from Darnell Farms:

Sunday Funday at the Farm! 🚜🎃🌻Join us 11-6:30pm for a beautiful One - Mile Scenic Hayride to Pumpkin Patch 🎃$10 per person (includes pumpkin of your choice) darnellfarms hayride fall homegrown pumpkin pumpkinpatch produce farmfresh farm farming farmlife familyfarm farmersmarket brysoncity smokymountains northcarolina wnc buylocal smalltown agriculture agritourism

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Instituto Nac. de la Juventud


Comment from Instituto Nac. de la Juventud:

Juventud que trabaja, Juventud que produce Desde el @minjuventudydeporte confiamos en la juventud venezolana y a través del programa SoyJoven entregamos financiamientos para el desarrollo de proyectos productivos Emprendimiento Financiammiento Jóvenes @pinfantea

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Juice Girl


Comment from Juice Girl:

Good morning ya’ll! I am starting my morning off with green tea. Yesterday (my first day) was great I didn’t feel hungry at all. I did however feel really sleepy and tired so I took a few naps and just lounged around my apartment pretty much the entire day. Am excited to conquer day 2 of my 60 day juice cleanse. 🥕🍊💪🏼

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Magnus Albrektsson


Comment from Magnus Albrektsson:

Not everyday you try five different caviars!! Neuvic signature, Reserve, Sevruga, Oscietre and Beluga! Wow!! caviarneuvic france food lalibertiecuisine produce friendship love

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Comment from Alovich:

🔥CANT STOP WE NOW 🔥 clickthelinkinmybio youtube itunes alovichmusic cantwenow produce @twilightmusicgroup outnow‼️‼️

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Comment from G E O R G I N Ʌ:

Pick your fresh produce and they'll cook it for you however you like foodie fresh eat yum dinner produce seafood travel nightmarket hualien taiwan theoffdutyproject

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Nic Dempsey


Comment from Nic Dempsey:

We're in the leafy green stage of allotment produce. Pak choi, cavolo nero and chard. This is half the haul, the rest has been bagged up for Ma to take home. allotment allotmentadventures produce growyourown growyourownfood igrewthis chard pakchoi kale cavolonero kitchengarden

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Southern Produce


Comment from Southern Produce:

PMA day 2! 🎉🍠 Visit us at Booth 2901 to see what we dig! freshsummit2017 freshsummit bestsweetpotato

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