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Hayley Oller


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Feeling myself lately. - I've had a very sick baby this past week, so my work-out time has been limited; he is the center off all my attention. Which made me realize, that it's O K A Y if I skip some exercises. My body is a |work in P R O G R E S S|, and life happens. Sick babies happen. Don't let it tear you down! Just because you skipped leg or arm day, doesn't mean you're lazy or that you don't care. Be kind to yourself.🌷 Life happens. #breathe - #healthyhayley . #🌱egan #vegan #✌egan . #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #letsgetit #workinprogress #selflove #donthatetheshake #fitmom

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Erin Van Vuren 🏳️‍🌈


An #FBF collaboration with my girlfriend. Beautiful things happen when a writer and an artist get together. Happy Friday everyone. And if you haven't gone to her website yet to hang a piece of her brilliance on your living room wall, you should. @jessicacbarrosillustrations @jessicacbarrosillustrations _________________________________________________ Get your copy of my book, BRAIN FOOD FOR BIG KIDS, from (link in bio).

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Nell Stephenson


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A handful of these babies and I'm out the door.💙 📷 @duni_cheri

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bebody_positive - Community


Thank you @theharmonysky for this great body positivity inspiration. ・・・ This past Sunday, a flock of space mermaids descended upon Fingal Beach to create some magic and (of course) I was among them! ✨Space mermaids also known as yours truly > @nipnipss > @lingerie.rosee > @the_love_of_a > @pennysterlingsyd > @blueskieslingerie ✨ thank you so much for welcoming me into the glitter gang you gorgeous specimens!! 📷 by the lovely @nocturne_images #youdontknowmystory #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyposi #bebodypositive #psblogger #psfashion #bigandblunt #eatingdisorderrecovery #celebratemysize #honormycurves #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #effyourbeautystandards #bopo #bodyimage #bodylove #selflove #loveu #loveyou #loveyourself #stopshaming #endbullying #flipyourscalechallenge

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The Glow Effect


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MohdAdhil 10


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Rachel Sproha


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Hi friends. Here's a weird ass picture of me sitting on the ground because I'm trying to show my new gold jesus shoes that I'm obsessed with. IM WEIRD. & I GOT A MIRROR (this is it). and this crop top is life from @steeltribe_musclegearapparel.

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Shay Hinze🌹


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Happy Birthday To me✨❤❤ Mami , your the best & keep grinding and slaying hunnay😂😂😘 #selflove

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Fabulous And Us


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Join The Self Care Challenge


Think about this in your own life. What kind of self-talk do you have? So many people think they hate themselves, but the truth is, they are just scared to be themselves. Because of toxic views of God, traumatic experiences, or just plain old stinkin' thinkin', people don't really hate themselves - they're just scared to own their story. Sacred to say what they really want from life. Scared to admit who they really are. But I am reminded that "perfect love casts out fear". Learn more by joining the 7-Day Self Care Challenge at #selfsoulcare #selfcare #selflove #selfcompassion #love #fear #hate #hope #healing #graceismessy

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Nothing like a toasted bagel topped with tofu scramble for breakfast👌🏽😍🍅The spices I used are •1/2tsp. paprika •1/2tsp. turmeric •1/4tsp. cumin •1/2tsp. salt Sautée the tofu with spices and veggies and you're done!🌞🐥

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Break The Mold🖕🏽Vibe Higher🤙🏽


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Jennifer Kittredge


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Be unapologetically, authentically you. There's nothing sexier.

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"The best love is the love that makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself." ❤️ It literally makes my heart smile knowing what that feels like. Those who love your laugh, your sarcasm, feed you unselfish encouragement, lend you a hand and better themselves just to help you become better. Yet sit so quietly without the need for praise. I pray to who I pray to, that you experience that love in this life. Don't waste your time on people who refuse to see the beauty & greatness that resides in you. But surround yourself with those that see the beauty inside of you and will that to grow! #SelfLove so #ILoveYou #HumanLove #불금 #ItsFriday #ChooseHappiness #서울 #Seoul

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Happy Friday!!!!💕😘 This picture was taken 2 mornings ago.. just wanted to share with you guys my current numbers.. Height: 5'7 Weight: 162 lbs Body Fat: 28% Muscle: 41% Visceral Fat: 4 I'm here to tell you to not worry about the number on the scale!! I literally used to haaate the fact that I wasn't in the 140's. But Ive learned to love my body at EVERY STAGE.. Yes definitely, I want to shred some more body fat, but that all takes time!! I'm excited for this summer!!!! 😁🤘🏼👙🌊☀️ #happyfriday #selflove

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Karina Antonopoulos


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Apathy was the worst feeling of 2016. As someone who cares a WHOLE LOT about many things, apathy scared me. What exactly is apathy? If you ever experienced depression, apathy is depression’s best friend. She likes to say things like, “What’s the point? Who cares anyway? Things will never change.” — — — I’m making this post today for me and for you, if and when you ever slip into a state of depression, and when apathy becomes the main voice in your head. To remember that even if you aren’t HAPPY right now, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. And a reminder to look for the MEANING. You get to tell the story of your life. The meaning you put on your life story (past, present, and future), is what will determine your level of life satisfaction. At the end of the day, this is what will be the constant thread of truth to open up to; not grasping for temporary happiness. — — — Did this video help? Can you like it and/or share with your favorite HS friend or family member?Thank you for helping create the ripple effect <3 — — — Want to learn more about the Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program for High Sensation Seeking HSPs? Fill out an application by following this link:

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Lauren Ashley Vasquez


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#peace #zone 💚💛 SACRED is how you are feeling. BRAVE is what you're doing. Marvelous friends.. there is absolutley NOTHING accidental about you. Invest quality time in what makes your soul tick. There is absolutley NOTHING wrong with being low🗝 if you're adding to your growth! #selfcare #day

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