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Any match sticks anyone?

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An open Heart, that loves brings magical things. It opens you up to great compassion and taps you into your passion and sensuality. All of this lies in your Heart chakra, located in the center of your chest, it is so incredibly important we keep it clear and open. Overtime, once we experience pain and unpleasant situations, blockages are created in this area which can hinder our trust, and connection, both to ourselves and others. It's time to heal these, to access all the passion and love that you seek. You can take a rose, real or an image like this card for example, place it in front of your heart and close your eyes. Imagine the red rose blossoming and clearing everything away. You may have flashbacks of the past, don't judge these, just watch them go by. The Angels will make sure you are in safe hands. Have a lovely Tuesday everyone ❤😚 #PantaRhea #RedRose #flowertherapy #flower #nature #gaia #dailyangelcard #angelcardreading #angelcardreader #angelicreiki #angelicreikitherapy #angels #crystals #crystalhealing #healer #lightworker #higherconsciousness #spiritual #spirituality #webstagram #vscocam #instafollow #instamood #instagram #hippie

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Comment from Loretta Honeychurch:

Inspired by Michael Bernard Beckwith. I believe you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. I see it in everyone. At MiE institute that's our motto. We see magnificence in everyone.

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