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Comment from Brooke Heath:

Hoping that this dose of sprinkles serves as a good luck charm because today is a day for squat PRs 💀happy Sunday!!

2 Minutes ago

Lækre flødeboller og duften af forår 🌸💕 Nogle gange har man bare brug for at forkæle sig selv 😄💫

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Comment from Sarah Boesch:

was craving a platter rather than a stack of pancakes this morning 😍 funfetti protein pancakes made with @thelionschoice funfetti pancake mix, topped with banana, whip cream and @waldenfarmsinternational pancake syrup. guys these are legit PILLOW SOFT!! you need them in ur life!! MELT IN YO MOUTH. recipe will be below 😊 basically anytime I make funfetti pancakes I use this recipe. the pancakes alone are 390 cals 👍also im super happy bc today I am taking a rest day and I am totally mentally okay with it :) usually I would get anxious abt not working out but its gloomy outside and im totally content just being a sloth again and chilling in my bed until work later lol yayy for progress on me and being okay with rest days 🙌 477 cals 68C/29P/12F 13g fiber "eatandrepeat" for 10% off @thelionschoice

13 Minutes ago