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Comment from Christopher Dart:

This is me over ten years ago in Wyoming. At that point I was still in college, with dreams of becoming a novelist. I imagined that by 30 I'd have four or five books published and be living somewhere in the mountains. That hasn't exactly happened. I have written four or five novels but I haven't published any of them. Turns out I'm a little more reticent about showing people my work than I thought. If you've been following recently you've noticed that I've publishing excerpts of writing. Some of these are from current projects - I'm writing a wilderness survival fantasy story, and trying to publish a family survival novel about the LA riots of '92 - but many are from old writings. My goal is to share some samples that I think are pretty good from work that may or may not be up to snuff. My goal is also to be more transparent and honest about my goals. That means working harder, it means taking more risk, and it means asking for help. Which is why I'm here! If I'm going to do this I'll need your help along the way. This could come from ideas, critiques, following me here or on Facebook, telling your friends, or even donating down the line to help me with printing and selling books. We're in the baby stages now. It's a scary time, it's a vulnerable time, but goddamn is it a fun time as well. I hope you'll join! . . . . #excerpt #writing #spilledink #writersofinstagram #naturephotography #mywriting #fiction #wildernessculture #staywild #workhard #hardwork #words #staypositive #love #positivity #artistsoninstagram #writinglife #travel #adventure #fbf #nofilter #babyme #wyoming #grandtetons

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Teach -- "Begin each day with a grateful heart." Bright spot in my week when I received a 1931 ed Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology from a student. I am continually humbled by people and random acts of kindness.

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Comment from Dr. Karen Ring:

Can't see it but I'm all smiles in #fogcity at the top of #mounttamalpais. You don't always get what you want in life - good weather, perfect job, that brand new car - but you can make the best of what life gives you. Let's be positive today and show love and support for one another in 2017. And if you have a moment, tell me one nice thing that you plan to do this weekend for yourself or for a friend. Happy #casualfriday and see you next week!

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I normally don't post views on politics as it's a very unnerving and always heated discussion...but I just totally had to say thank you so much for putting this man in office...his views here are just what we need👊🏻 you know what?! I have a WIFE and we have an unbelievable marriage- one for the books that I can pretty much guarantee puts most others to shame..we managed to have twins who are the happiest and most gorgeous little girls anyone could imagine (happy isn't only our standpoints, but from anyone they meet strangers to friends and family) our UNION will surpass the 51% of heterosexuals who get divorced...we don't fight, we love, we don't abuse, we communicate, we don't hate bc life is too short, and most of all we except everyone- bc truly who gives a flying fuck what anyone does in their own life when it is about love and happiness and being a good person...really all the shit in this world and this is what you find so important this day and age?! #itsashame #pathetic #lovetheobamas #movingforward #notbackwards #hesucks #staypositive #happylife #happywife #bestlife #bejealous #dontcare #sorrynotsorry #choosewisely #lgbt #community #chooselove

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Honestly Dad?! 🙄🙄 How could you do this to me?! 😣😣 #notamused 😡😡 #myhairisbetter 🐿🐿 #takethisrugoff 😤😤 #staypositive 🙏🏼🙏🏼 #lovetrumpshate ❤❤ #Repost @josh_adam ・・・ My guy didn't win, but @allidoiswin_ston and I are staying optimistic and hope for a successful administration. #votewithoutselfinterest #keepothersinmind #trump #missingberniesanders #bernie2020 #missingobamaalready #politicalmemes #politicsasusual #usa #patriotism #americanvalues #bulldog #englishbulldog #bulldogs #bulliesofinstagram #pups #president #potus

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