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Comment from Sarah McDonald 🌸:

Blonde angel👼🏼

3 Minutes ago

Comment from 👑Darla G👑:

TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! Color by me🎨. Removed black dye. Still have a tiny bit of work to do on it but def amazing results!! Removing BLACK DYE takes patience. And not all black dye cases are the same. Expect different results... but the key is patience. It's better to get to ur desired color slow and safe than to achieve ur color but u can't even enjoy it because it feels like a broom.

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6 Minutes ago

Meanwhile..chops are happening!😜🤘 #HairPistol tag someone that inspires u

6 Minutes ago

Comment from Williams 🍀™:

*** #TransformationTuesday*** (Low Bald Fade with Hard Part, and Free Hand Shape Up) Finished Product..🚀 I keep my Young Bull Faded Faded Faded❗Khy be knowing he the Freshest in the Land every time he hop out of my Barber chair😎 And he's such a #Joy to deal with, every time he come visit me I put a smile on my face and he makes me laugh non-stop. Haha😄 Him and his personality always remind me of why I Love being a Barber so much💈The kids rok with me the looonnnnggg way 🏆 #ImTheNeighborhoodHero🏆 I'm literally living a Dream and making a couple of pennies along the way..💰 If you would like to schedule an appointment with me or have any questions on what services that I offer you can call or contact me via-text 405-625-5315. Currently my prices for haircuts are $18 for Kids 13yrs & under, $23 for Young Adults 14-18yrs, and $30 for Adults 19yrs & up. #That_T_WiLL_Special🍀™ 💈 #PositiveVibesOnly💈 #AllPraiseToTheMostHigh #GodIsGoodGodIsGreat #StrivingForGreatness #TurningVisionsIntoRealities #LoveYourz #GrindHard #StayHumble #BarberLife #BarberArt #BarberLove #BarbershopConnect #Stylistshopconnect #GettingBetterWithTime #WilliamsMade #LittleRockStylist #ArkansasStylist #LittleRockBarber #ArkansasBarber #FadeGame2Raw #BeUniqueGroomingLounge

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Comment from Heather perez:

🙌THIS is THE highlight of LIFE🙌 I've spent YEARS perfecting my highlight application and placement. 💯 AND now I have a way to make grow out easier! #shadowroot This is LA inspired beachy, blonde hair🌅 👉Please note, this color takes time, 3-4 hours+ & multiple sessions if necessary 👉Cost can vary $145-$200 (All depends on how much lightness is needed)

10 Hours ago

Comment from Nicolas Burgos:

But first - babes in bobs™

5 Days ago

Comment from Nicolas Burgos:

That money piece tho!

6 Days ago

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Comment from Nicolas Burgos:

When that hotel bathroom mirror has the beauty lighting.

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