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idk dogs just make me happy & my day hasn't been that great. btw, i miss getting dm's from you guys, remember our dm's are always open & i really love hearing from you💞 ttyl, mika💜 ~~ #cutting #selfharmmm #depression #suicide #suicidal #death #wanttodie #anorexia #eatingdisorder #anxiety #anxietyattack #gay #trans #worthless #ugh #ugly #secretsociety1234 #strong #beautiful #perfect #staystrong #stophatesociety #loveyourself #happiness #support #feminism #bodypositivity #selfhelp #lovetrumpshate #confidence

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#nationalpreventsuicideweek Hate is strong word, but when your passionate about the wellbeing of yourself and others, it's hard to not to say that you hate how they are feeling and you hate how much pain it's causing them. Going through struggles everyday with yourself is a battle, sometimes we cannot win. It's not because of weakness. Sometimes we don't have the right guidance to help us through whatever it is we are dealing with. But at the same time it's our own demons, we cannot escape and don't know how to escape from them. I pray for those who are going through the struggle everyday, deciding whether or not they should end there lives. I've grown up beings taught that, committing suicide, your going to hell. However, it doesn't mean that when I was in a dark place I haven't contemplated it... but I have God through it all and some people don't have any guidance or a dependant or that support. Love may not ever had existed, life may never have been structured, but We all face different struggles everyday and some can be similar but never the same, it's our own demons and our own obstacles to face. I pray for these people, I pray for the ones we have lost, it's a hurtful feeling knowing that someone had pain they could not of beared for long. #prevent #suicide #experiences #life

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So my placement is safe!!!!! I'm getting more freedom which will be going out whenever but back by 6pm everyday and then after 2weeks if I'm doing good it's moves up to 7pm etc etc👌🏼 I'm gonna stay sober for as long as possible and start focusing on my future, job and recovery because that's most important right now. I've been trying my best to detach myself from my old keyworker and it's quite hard but it's working I guess??? I still talk to her if she's around but other than that I don't talk. Also considering I've Been told I made people feel uncomfortable while drunk (hugging them and rubbing their back?!?!) I haven't hugged like anyone since Saturday and it makes me feel so sad like I need a hug😭😂 eh it's shit😣 my eating has been shit and it's slowly catching up with me like feeling ill/dizzy and the odd blacking out for a couple seconds it's scary :3 idk tho I'm trying more and more each day

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3 word horror story • Out of data

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