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Muhammad Zakhi


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Alexandra Zayats


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"Никогда не знаешь, где тебе повезет" Слова одного вершителя, нынче путешествующего между мирами🌌 Я в восторге, что мне довелось побывать в этом сказочном месте. И действительно не знаешь когда наткнешся на волшебные места. Если бы наши деревушки в горах выглядели как этот отель, я жила бы там вместо бетонных джунглей🌁🍃 Территория отеля огромна, живут там в домиках 1-2х этажных, вокруг джунгли и массивные горы🌄 #thailand #time #photo #hotel #максфрай

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#time don't mean a thing to a MAN💪🏽

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Captain Raj


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#when life is smiling at u😍😉😎 #time to go places🖒😊 #beard -mooch love😎🤗😍

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Ecure Educator & Distributor


Finally found the other photo of my client who had about 90% heat damage when she first started with me 2/04/16.😕😕😕😕 1 year later she has only about 10% damage left 2/22/17.😁😁😁 My client did not want to cut her hair because she said it took her to long to grow her relaxer out. I completely understood 🍀🍀🍀 📍I gave her heatless styles to help her to grow all the heat damage off.We will be cutting the ends off soon!! Your Hair Care Specialist, Tatanya #working together with our clients to bring their hair to their full potential #time and patience #SpoiledGirl #primpandprimehairstudio #theprimphaircareplan #The Primp Stimulating and Strengthening Oil #Grow with Us! #Luxury Hair Treatments #grow my own hair please #wearing my own hair is great #mississippi hair stylist #southaven mississippi salons #ecure distributor #ecure educator #Healthy hair we do care with E-Cure and more!

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Photo Map #phmap

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@craftedandworn 's Demarcus in Dawn & Dusk ed. 🔥 you saw it right here first! ha ha ha

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O N N I X イワーク


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