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S/O to the beautiful , God fearing, hardworking , intelligent , wise , kind , supportive , inspiring , determined ,selfless and motivational lady right here. It's your day today. I'm just going to sprinkle some Ephesians 1:18. I always tell people that they're destined for greatness but they will never truly understand this until their hearts are enlightened. It's so sad that People condemn themselves to eternal suffering just because their hearts are not enlightened. It's your day today, I love you ,yes....It only took me a day after meeting you to realize this. God bless you sisi. Keep on being presidential and royal. #Presidential #rarebirthdaymessage #toomuchsauce #Godbless

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Went to the most amazing, intense and rejuvenating dance class tonight, thanks to my good friend. So many ladies giving their all and sweating from within (let me tell you honey) but it was such a great way to bring in my birthday early. I feel too empowered, just all around refreshed and ready to bask in the day the lord made for me. (In just a few hours I'll be a little bit older and I'm strictly blessed) ✨🙌🏾💃🏽💦 #GIRLPOWER #GIRLBOSS #2017 #TOOMUCHSAUCE #BDAY #THANKYOUGOD

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