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Comment from ♡Rose♡:

An old character I had for a story I was writing looooong long ago lol her name was Puchi-chan~ - - - - - ♡Tags♡ rubyraineart art traditionalart drawing myart traditionalartist artist oldart cute animegirl animeart mangagirl artsagram artistsoninstagram artsanity coloredpencil originalcharacter cutegirl orangeandpurple puchichan

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Xenon R.


Comment from Xenon R.:

Too tall for Instagram😄(pic is cropped a bit) sketch sketchbook pencil pencilart pencildrawing traditionalart traditional traditionaldrawing art drawing draw карандаш рисунок скетч cute

15 Seconds ago

Mariah Currey


Comment from Mariah Currey:

Fashion OCs Day 20 – Cathedral inktober inktober2017 inkdrawing drawing art traditionalart webcomic rainydaydreams lace fashion

45 Seconds ago

Clayton Campion


Comment from Clayton Campion:

Repost @popfredtees with @repostapp ・・・ Hand painted scrolls done around 40 or 50 years ago by John or Peter Edward at the South Nowra workshop signs handlettering handwriting traditionalart

45 Seconds ago

Sinancan Kara


Comment from Sinancan Kara:

Inktober 20/31 Deep inktober inktober2017 inking ink drawing art artist sketch sketchbook illustration brushpen pentel comics artwork instaartist traditionalart

1 Minutes ago

Hanaa Kamal


Comment from Hanaa Kamal:

Day19 inktober inktober2017 cloud ink inkingpens traditionaldrawing traditionalart relax outofthisworld moon handdrawing artist sketches inking stars illustration characters characterdesign design sketching

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Comment from Betterave:

Meme myart art meme otter traditionalart draw drawing ink sketch sketchbook doodle funny cute gun blackandwhite artstyle mossery

1 Minutes ago

👑 lord boop 👑


Comment from 👑 lord boop 👑:

nyoom // myart traditionalart highlighter markers gelpens pittpens copics fanart characters thewarden superjail adultswim artistsoninstagram

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Comment from rin(a):

Inktober day 20. More OFF characters because why not? This time it's the other form of batter. . . inktober inktober2017 art artistsoninstagram illustration thebatter thebatteroff mortisghostoff mortisghostfanart sketch dailysketch illustration traditionalart fanart videogame

1 Minutes ago



Comment from Ered:

For today’s inktober have the scribbly paint of Katve from my comic The theme was The guardian, using the forestinktober prompt list. . ink inktober2017 traditionalart gouache art artist illustration webcomic riverboundcomic spirit

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Comment from tronyarts/18/trashart:

Day 19 Inktober ink drawing art doodle myart oc original sketch sketchbook traditionalart digitalart manga anime instaart shading abstract comic fanart fandom inking painting story characterdesign fantasy cartoon color artsy copics

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Comment from Mårtyn:

Nawet bez czarnego długopisu dałam radę. Dziękuje Kasia 👑 . . . . . Mercury oc orginalcharacter art nature draw rysunek polishart doodle mangaboy myoc mangart traditionalart polishdrawing anime animeart glasses glassesboy drawing blue tomapenart

1 Minutes ago

Sp🎃🎃k squad Carla 12 years old


Comment from Sp🎃🎃k squad Carla 12 years old:

Art trade with @candy._.poptart !! This is their character named Candy. Candy is super cute and I lover her hair 💕💖! I like how the eyelashes turned out in this one. Go follow @candy._.poptart for their cute art!!! 💕🎀🍬 Art by: Me 💕🎀🍬 Character by: @candy._.poptart 💕🎀🍬 artradesopen arttrade traditional traditionalart micronpens micronpen penandink drawing art cute fursona furries furry furryfandom

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Comment from mlandart:

Finished batman and joker drawing for inktober ! • • • • • • • • art artist artwork artistsofinstagram traditionalart artistsoninstagram instaart illustration drawing fanart sketch portrait pencil inking comicbookart cartoon pencildrawing comics ink comics facestudy faceanatmony proportions comicanatomy comics superheroes inktober2017 thejoker dccomics

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Comment from Yllia:

"If I never met you,I never would have realized what kind of person I am" Nezumi & Shion watercolor practice done!✨ Prints will be available in my store soon I love No6 and it's been a while since I fanarted Nezushi 😝 ⭐Twitter : @ylliasviel ⭐ Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/ylliart traditionalart inktober inktober2017 no6 nezumi shion nezushi nezumixshion myart mangaartist アート イラストレータ instaart animedrawing ilustración illust illustratenow art_workgallery art_4share artisnotacrime instaart イラスト イラストレーション art4small instaartist 360gallery manga まんが animeart

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Comment from ⭐️💜🎨LavendarFaye🎨💜⭐️:

inktober Day 17 (I’m catching up!) I audibly gasped when I saw the beautiful ice wolf (or fox?) in the latest starwars trailer!! Definitely going to be drawing her again! ❄️ starwarsmovie starwarsthelastjedi starwarsicefox starwarscreatures fantasy fantasyart fantasyanimal fantasticbeasts fanartfriday inktober2017 inktober2k17 @inktober @inktober2017 inktoberday17 fox starwarsfanart icefox traditionalart traditionalfanart traditionalartist traditionalartwork inkdrawing inkartist inkartwork artstagram artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram animalart

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Comment from Tronywin/artist/trash:

Day 19, 20 will be posted later Inktober ink drawing art doodle myart oc original sketch sketchbook traditionalart digitalart manga anime instaart shading abstract comic fanart fandom inking painting story characterdesign fantasy cartoon color artsy copics

2 Minutes ago



Comment from ...:

Another painting I never finished... . . . . . . . . . . . . aislingisolde art artwork traditionalart drawing popsurrealism surrealism surrealist surrealart nude nudeart figurative kunst painting oilpainting mask identitycrisis fineart weird

2 Minutes ago

Row Ibn-La'Ahad


Comment from Row Ibn-La'Ahad:

Day13: Tea time inktober2017 inktober teatime pinup traditionalart

2 Minutes ago

Can You Art?™


Comment from Can You Art?™:

Made a fusion based off of Zeph's Viktuuri fusion on tumblr! He looks almost like what their love child would look like (◡‿◡✿) . . art illustration traditionalart drawing yoi yurionice stammivicino anime fanart fusion yuurikatsuki viktornikiforov yurikatsuki victornikiforov victuuri viktuuri

2 Minutes ago

🎨 Junie Maupin 🐈


Comment from 🎨 Junie Maupin 🐈:

Day 19-20/31 of Inktober! I forgot to do yesterday’s so here I have cloud girl and a cat in a big, deep box. ✍🏻🐈☁️✨📦 inktober inktober2017 cat cats clouds cloud drawing inkdrawing sketch traditionalart instaart instartist

2 Minutes ago

Keith Guy


Comment from Keith Guy:

Do what you want • ChildishGambino Inktober TuneTober (11/31)

2 Minutes ago



Comment from .:

The working process challenge, 1page1day, sketcheveryday, sketchbook, sketch, 365day, boy, character, characterdesing, art, traditionalart, pencil

2 Minutes ago



Comment from Bunny:

I'm here at Akicon testing my out of state set up / test run for Youmacon in Detroit in a couple of weeks. I'll be here through Sunday 💕 . . . . . . . . . . drawing illustration animeart animedrawing mangaart manga traditionalart traditionaldrawing mangadrawing dailyillustration dailydrawing dailyillustration dailyart artistsoninstagram semirealism pastelgoth inkdrawing artistalley conartist workingartist conlife

2 Minutes ago

Yo Yo Whaddup It's Ren


Comment from Yo Yo Whaddup It's Ren:

Day 20: Animal •bust your kneecaps• - - - inktoberinktober2017inktoberpromptsinktobertimeinkarttraditionalartoctoberoctoberarthalloweenhalloweenartspookyspookytimepomplamooseinktoberanimalsbustyourkneecaps

3 Minutes ago

Antônio Lúcio


Comment from Antônio Lúcio:

Day 20. traditionalart day20 inkingdrawing inktober inktober2017

3 Minutes ago



Comment from MFK ILLU 💘🍸:

✖🔥💘 I N K T O B E R - D A Y 2 0 💘🔥✖ " Playing with fire 💘🔥" - inktober sketch nr.20 - Thanks for looking - MFK 🍸💘 - - - - - - inktober inktober2017 ink playingwithfire fire burning kiss match lust illustration illustrationstudent illustrator blackwork linework pigmamicron art artwork sketch drawing love pigmentink Oslo traditionalart

3 Minutes ago

Natália Prata


Comment from Natália Prata:

Day 20 inktober inktober2017 ink brushpen traditionalart inktoberbrasil sketchbook instaart desenho birds witch

3 Minutes ago

Lauren Morgan


Comment from Lauren Morgan:

Inktober Day 20 Decided to draw a fairy using magic. inktober inktober2017 inktoberday20 fairy magic wings artofinstagram artistofinstagram traditionalart highlighter lineart ink

3 Minutes ago

Mary Capaldi


Comment from Mary Capaldi:

Inktober 11. Dear wild heart. bug insect blackandwhite inkdrawing moth autumn forest standing resting bouquet crown sweater woods traditionalart artistsoninstagram

3 Minutes ago

Brianna Biloff


Comment from Brianna Biloff:

What should I turn her into?? 🤔 art drawing sketch outline traditionalart pen artist artistsofinstagram artist_support artwork

3 Minutes ago

Emmanuel Zausner


Comment from Emmanuel Zausner:

Deep in the woods.... inktober day 20 inktober inktober2017 inktober2017day20 inktoberday20 ink inked halloween tree creepy scary drawing doodles doodle art arty traditionalart illustration sketch deep

3 Minutes ago



Comment from Anna:

Den her tegning af Nasrin er helt klart en af mine yndlingstegninger jeg har lavet på det sidste 👌😍

3 Minutes ago