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Comment from Brigitte:

wooooooooosh ok sweet dece

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Comment from Travel Photo Blogger:

How I miss this ambiance, so quiet and serene 😍

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Comment from Jai Singh:

Earth 🌏 starts from sea

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Comment from Amber Seaman:

We stared at it for about 10 minutes, walked like a mile past it then a mile back until we figured out where we were 👑

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Comment from Till Bachmeier:

We stayed in Nashville for a night, went out for a couple of beers and walked up and down broadway street. Funky place, heaps of good live music. The best one was a drummer tho, playing live on the street and just freestyling about people who were walking past. Unfortunately the next day was rainy so we decided to just leave Nashville and make our way to Memphis. On our way out we met the guys from @happy_thebus They bought an old school/party bus for 3.5k and are converting it now. Had a few other old volkswagen vans sitting the yard.

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