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Comment from V:

Great job HILLBILLY for calling out twh cheifofstaff johnkelly and ourpotus Trump trumpsupporters bc now entire world sees what a sick political CRIMINALS you all are and why you will be sooner or later forced to resign and JAILED ! ___ You DISGRACEFUL Hillbillies are not our potus _ we already have one and you keep your nasty fingers away from our Leaders and move to Ur potUS44 beloved Cuba asap!__ PLS STAY THERE DISGRACEFUL HATERS !! hillbilly frederica repwilson joyannreid maxinewaters cnn msnbc etc ... other trumphaters

14 Hours ago

Gary Schatan


Comment from Gary Schatan:

Go away bastard trumpmemes trumphaters trumpsucks democracynow trumpmustgo politicalart politicallyincorrect

1 Days ago

Matthew Eager


Comment from Matthew Eager:

Does anybody in sydney want to buy a ticket to kathy griffin for tomorrow night? I'm unable to go so gumby has a spare one. Please DM me if you're interested kathygriffin operahousesydney trumphaters

1 Days ago

No one can replace me


Comment from No one can replace me:

Someone really did this. They said what we all feel. notmypresident fakepresident @realdonaldtrump trumphaters 😂😂😂😂😂

2 Days ago



Comment from FOLLOWING NEXT 100 ONLY:

Yoo got em 'TRUMP'⚡️memes trumpmemes trump donaldtrump trumphaters bale hilarious edgymemes memesdaily memes4days memeslut BLM

5 Days ago

Gary Schatan


Comment from Gary Schatan:

Nothing There🙉🙈🙊 trumphaters fucktrump trumpisachump dumptrump

5 Days ago

Raul Gomez


Comment from Raul Gomez:

Freedom of Speech .. freedomofspeech trumphaters donaldtrump

6 Days ago

Peter Howes🇬🇧🇩🇪


Comment from Peter Howes🇬🇧🇩🇪:

Someone isn’t a fan!! trumpusanewcastletrumphaters photography cityscape

6 Days ago


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iranian americanflag soccer wolrdcup1998 likeeachother usa persian persiangulf خليج_پارس trumphaters obama rohani1400 likehuman whyhate 🇮🇷 🇺🇸

6 Days ago

Pam Sonsuwan


Comment from Pam Sonsuwan:

Hate Trump? Love Trump? Want to cry? This costume is for you! Perfect for protests, rallies, Halloween, rainy day, walking your dog, sprucing up your sex life, or whatever makes your fuckers happy.👊🏼

7 Days ago



Comment from 💀YUNG QUIN💀:

Like I like Eminem and I think his music is lit asf but don’t act like y’all ain’t hypocrites for this shit when y’all said he was useless. 🤷🏿‍♂️ facts eminem trumpmemes trump rico vegasstrong vegas neverforget trumphaters

9 Days ago

Maggie Fae


Comment from Maggie Fae:

feelthebern berniesanders bernie imwithher hillaryclinton liberals liberalscum nastywomenvote butdontwin hitler trumphaters trumptrain trump maga

10 Days ago

Chola Munequita


Comment from Chola Munequita:

If u only did have a brain... Worthless MF... Before u deport my people... Deport ur wife lol... fucktrump fucktrump🖕 dumptrump trumpsucks trumpsucksballs deportthefirstladyfirst trumphaters worthlesspresidentofalltime

12 Days ago

Court James


Comment from Court James:

My beautiful graffiti art 😂🖕🏻👏🏻

13 Days ago

Jay Jay


Comment from Jay Jay:

Nice pic of all the late night talk show hosts hanging out together jimmykimmel jimmyfallon stephencolbert chelseahandler sethmyers jamescorden latenightshows notfunny nonewmaterial painfultowatch crybabies trumphaters democrats libtards limousineliberals isuckedalotofcocktogetwhereiam lowratings boycotthollywood

13 Days ago

New York Strife


Comment from New York Strife:

Who better to represent the month of October than the greatest employer of costumes and ghost emojis, Cher?! She can do it all. Wigs. An Oscar. Longest run on the Billboard Hot 100. Will & Grace guest star. Drag Queen inspiration. Numerous Farewell Tours. Political Activist. Ooga Boo. She's 71 and she can plank for 5 minutes. This picture is FROM 2017! We highly recommend you see her live because she does standup between each song and then says, "Ok, let's do the next song, we'll see if I can hit the notes." AND THEN SHE DOES. In kitten heels! This woman evolves with the times and that's why she's on top. Name a better Twitter account than Cher's. JUST TRY. Swipe right for our favorite tweets of all time. DON'T DIE CHER, WE LOVE YOU! 😩🎃✨🤘🏻👻

13 Days ago

Matthew Ram


Comment from Matthew Ram:

I Hate Donald Trump, so does this kid. trumphaters

13 Days ago

Basil Fearrington


Comment from Basil Fearrington:

trump trumphaters republicans politics

16 Days ago

Lee BISHOP Wherry


Comment from Lee BISHOP Wherry:

Youre president is a monster and eats flies. trumpsupporters chet notmypresident moviememes trump donaldtrump trumphaters weirdscience 80smovies makeAmericagreatagain

16 Days ago

Basil Fearrington


Comment from Basil Fearrington:

colinkaepernick nfl nba trumphaters racism

17 Days ago



Comment from spreadingcommonsense:

Bye Felicia!!! cbs cbsnews news liberalmedia media leftwingmedia leftwing democrats democrat liberals leftists trumphaters antiamerican firehaley

18 Days ago



Comment from dbreal81:


19 Days ago



Comment from 🔥 MEMES🔥:

Like and comment if u hate trump. . . . . . . . trump trumpsucks hitler meme lol history trumphaters litaf

20 Days ago



Comment from Blossom:

I love my country but hate my president @bhadribhattarai @blossom__chettri hatepresidenttrumpflagoutfitofthedayamericaflagtrumphatersbad😡 makeamericagreatagain nevergoingtoithatersfakepresidentphotographerkidsinstagoodsinglemomkidsingramphotographerfollowme respectmycountrygoodnightwonderfullpeoplelove

21 Days ago

Basil Fearrington


Comment from Basil Fearrington:

trumpmemes trumphaters

21 Days ago

Stuart Stratu


Comment from Stuart Stratu:

'Anti-Trump Lunacy' Dept. 🐒 Wednesday 6 September 2017 . . . 🐸 🐙 trump trumphaters notmypresident usa campingworld marksteyn charlottesville altright antifa communist neonazi shitbags truth

23 Days ago

Superior Memes Of Instagram


Comment from Superior Memes Of Instagram:

please it’s a joke funny sorry meme comedy dankmeme memes followforfollow followforfollowback follow4follow followers followyou dora trump trumpmemes hatetrump trumphaters notmypresident but actually he is my president I don’t hate him not going to get political that’s all. This meme made me laugh OKAY funnymemes comedy comedygold memesdaily memeaccount dankmemes

23 Days ago

Gary Schatan


Comment from Gary Schatan:

Impeachment Wish humor ihatetrump trumphaters fucktrump dumptrump

23 Days ago

Jen Hellman


Comment from Jen Hellman:

While you all fight about what the hell you are kneeling about and how your freedomofspeech is right over their freedom of speech, some of us are figuring out how to choose meds that cause excruciating bonepain over having breastcancer. So what I’m saying is kissmyass (that photographer, @captwhatshisname shot so fantastically) today! currentmood fuckcancer🎀 nfl blacklivesmatter alllivesmatter trumphaters trumpsupporters trumplovers rightwing leftwing washington noninstagrammodelsofinstagram cancermodelsofinstagram zoladex femara letrozole astrazeneca jenhellmancomedy jenhellmanmedia comicscrushingcancer realwomanshit

23 Days ago

Cheryl Nugent


Comment from Cheryl Nugent:

reposting boycott the nfl trumphaters eithertheystand it we sitout the season colinkaepernick disrespected the flag and the military

23 Days ago



Comment from Khayoz:

new music video trumphaters rap rock hopsin linkinpark anonymous fsociety blacklivesmatter khayoz watch this fuckthepolice fucktheworld

24 Days ago

Architecture on Travel!


Comment from Architecture on Travel!:

Unfortunately our photographers can't travel yet in North Korea..and probably it would be not the best idea these days. Anyway...take this! And whish a better future :) Ryungyong Hotel! Credits to Wikipedia!!! . . . northkorea hotel glasses glass pyramid ryungyong uglyarchitecture simmetry architecturephotography instarchitecture trump trumphaters kimyongun kimilsung communistarchitecture

24 Days ago

Basil Fearrington


Comment from Basil Fearrington:

Ya gotta be kidding!!!! trump trumphaters

25 Days ago