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Comment from Skrub:

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🎃Rara Avis💋🎵


Comment from 🎃Rara Avis💋🎵:

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Comment from Homiesflava:

The real taste of cookie & cream that make you unforgettable!!!! 👍👍👍🍪🍦 vape vapetricks vapenation vapeon vapeporn vapepen vapejuice vapestagram vapestore vapejakarta vapegirls vapeuk vapeukraine vapeeurope vapershouts vapemurah vapedaily vapeitaly vapefamous vapeindo vapechina vapebandung worldwidevapers

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Vape Wide BH


Comment from Vape Wide BH:

Nasty new 60ml 6BD 😍😍vapesaudi vapewidebh nasty vapeksa vapersinbh vapebh vapeinbahrain vapegcc ksa bahrain qater kuwait dubai abudhabi damman alkhobar vapenation nasty loaded rollupz ruthless bazooka vapingisnotsmoking

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Santa Cruz Vapors


Comment from Santa Cruz Vapors:

@dhurst_wood_designs throwing down his skill for us was an honour and a priveledge.....smashing the myth that silver conracts is mandatory on any mech.....copper contact bar hitting HARDER then any b.f. mech mod in our collection. dripclub vapefamily vapelikeahooligan vapergiveaways vapecommunity vapefun vapelove vapefam vapestagramm vapenation 420life instavape vapelyfe vapefriends vapestagram vapehooligans vapelife vapeshops vapepics vapeworld instarepost20

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Comment from oh.kingz:

Quick raw fatties for ya with a side swervey to go👻👻👻💨💨💨💨 get at me @vapedinnerlady @dripdcoilfuel @jammonsterliquids @monstavapeuk @vapemooreldn @ruthlessejuice @speedsjuice_uk_ltd @dr_vapes @five0eliquid @coilspill @vapecreators @vapeflixuk @vapeisland_ltd vape tyregang vapefam vapers coilporn vapor vapeon vapeporn vapelife vapedaily vapestagram instavape instadaily vapepics vapefriends vapesociety handcheck vapecommunity vapehooligans vapestuff cloudchaser ukvaper ukvapers vapefamily vapenation vapelove vaping ukvapecommunity vapetricks photography

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Comment from Aden:

Only thing that gets me through college vapeworld vape vapetricks vapenation vapepornvapejuice vapepen voopoodrag vapeordie vapestagram vapestars vapedaily macbook

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Geeked out Eliquid


Comment from Geeked out Eliquid:

🤐🤧😤 📸 by @evog GeekedOut WheezingWasteoids BraceFace SnotShot DorkBreath baddriplabs baddistribution baddistro vapestagram eliquid ejuice vape vapelyfe vapelife Vapeordie vapesociety vapeporn coilpornworldwidevapers Notblowingsmoke vapenation calivapers nyvapers vapefam vapehooligans vapeon smokingisDEAD improof

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Kenzie Van Ess 💨❤️💨❤️


Comment from Kenzie Van Ess 💨❤️💨❤️:

Okay guys here’s the giveaway I’ll be doing with @milkshakeliquids !!! This is going to be very simple: •Repost any picture I post with @milkshakeliquids • Use hashtags mslbreezy100givaway •Contest will start 10-23-17 through 11-01-17 • I’ll pick 5 winners/ Each winner receives 5 100mls of Breezy Shake!!! Good luck! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• vapeon instavape vaping subohm vapemodels vaporizer vapenation cloudchaser vapor eliquid vaper ejuice clouds vapehooligans vapefriends dripclub vappix vapegram vapetricks vapers instagood vapemail vape vapers instagood instagram vapors vapesociety cloudporn calivapers

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frooti cloudz


Comment from frooti cloudz:

Avid hybrid mech . Glorious.. vapor vapecommunity vapelife ecig ejuice vapejuice vapefamily vapesociety vapenation vapemod vapepic vapeaddict flavorchaser cloudchaser subohm vapelyfe rda vapefam cloudporn vapestgram vapefriends vapeporn alldayvape notblowingsmoke vapehappy eatsleepvaperepeat itsnotsmokeitsvapor ilovevaping

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Comment from mikracoils:

Fused clapton 2x0.6mm n90 fused in 38g SS 3mm ID 0.1ohms MeshRDA buildlife buildfam vapepics vapefam vape cleanbuilds coilporn vapecommunity vapestagram vapefamous vapenation coilart vapeporn instavape quitsmoking vapefamily vapedaily worldwidevapers vapelife vapelyfe vapehooligans notblowingsmoke vapelikeaboss subohm vape4you vapesafe cloudchaser dripclub dripgram cloudsbroclouds

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Vape Essentials


Comment from Vape Essentials:

@ijoy_uk @ijoyglobal - @ijoyusa Let's see more details about IJOY CAPO Squonker! Capo Squonker, your first Squonker! @ijoycapo @ijoy.indo @ijoy_genie @ijoycaptain http://www.ijoycig.com/product/item-431.html ijoy caposquonker ijoycapo vape vapefriends handcheck vapelife vapeporn vapelyfe vapecommunity vapefam vapeon vaping vapenation vapestagram vapor instavape ejuice vapedaily eliquid cloudchaser vapelove vaper vapemail vapehooligans vapepics coilporn calivapers. . . @peter_overton_9843 Vape essentials . the only things that are important are family and Vape . like this post ? then leave a comment and double tap (❤ ) . Vape safe and have fun guys . 💜💨☁☁☁☁

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909 Vapor


Comment from 909 Vapor:

New Juice Alert from Public Bru, Graham Master, Get It here @909vapor !!calivapers vapeaddict vapeaholic vapecommunity vapedaily vapeporn vape vapehard vapelyfe vapenation vapelife vapefam calivapor vapefam vapecrazy vapestagram vapemail vapeallday beenvaping instavape vapelife

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Over Drip


Comment from Over Drip:

@gjuice80 now in stock and available on www.overdrip.co.uk Amazing juice made in the UK. Great quality and value. Come and have a look 👀✌🏻 . . gjuice ukvapers ejuice eliquid vapelyfe vape vapeporn vapelife vapenation vapersofinstagram cloudchaser vapingstyle vapers vapeuk dripclub instavape vapeon vapefam vapesociety overdripvaping cloudchaser dripclub rda vaping vapingsavedmylife instafamous ecig

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Comment from Stiggy🤘🏻:

Don't leave @grinny_heaths on the shelf this Halloween... ✴️ grinnyheaths ejuice instavape vapeon vapenation vapestagram vapelove vape vaping vapers vapehooligans vapejuice vapefam vapelyfe vapelife halloween pumpkin picoftheday

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Comment from 🇺🇸🇺🇸PuffsUSA🇺🇸🇺🇸:

The future has arrived!!!! "Marty" will sell out fast!!! 75% OFF all PuffsUSA ejuices this week ONLY when you use promo code "MARTY" at checkout... link in bio..... ENJOY!!!!!! vape vaper vapers puffs puffsusa ejuice eliquid vapenation vapefam coupon vapecomminty dripfam vapelife vapelyfe vapeon vapeordie vapeshop instavape instavaperz vapestagram vapestore calivapers usa discount

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No Limit Smoke Shop


Comment from No Limit Smoke Shop:

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jarryd pike


Comment from jarryd pike:

My job becomes easy when im using the best wire in the business. Dead wires and freight train coils seems to be the way to go! @armageddon_mfg @dead_wires_graveyard @deadwiresllc @freight_train_coils @badfish_drip_co_angler_alley vapecommunity vapefam vapelyfe vapestagram instavape vapedaily cloudchaser vapenation vapeon vapepics girlswhovape vaping subohm vapefriends vapehooligans vapor eliquid clouds dripclub vaper ejuice vapeshop vapelove girlswhovape ecig instagood vapetricks vapemail calivapers cloudchasing

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Comment from ㅤ:

Repost voopoovape @vapetricks ( @get_repost) ・・・ SPONSORED: @voopootechofficial VOOPOO Black Drag 157W Resin is so hot that we're gonna give away 3 pcs to you all. How to enter? 1. Must follow @voopootechofficial 2. Like and Share this post with voopoovape 3. Tag 3+ vaping friends in the comment Winners will be announced on October 29th, good luck!!! voopoo genechip vape vapelife vapenation vapeon vapefam vapetricks smok vapeporn vapedaily vapelyfe vapecommunity ejuice instavape vapeshop vapeallday vaper vaping vapesociety eliquid ecig vapelife

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Very Peachy: Watermelon Peach. 📍Tag your favorite shop if you want to try out Fruit King. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ CUSTARDKINGELIQUIDS FRUITKINGELIQUIDS vapelife vapejuice vapepics vapor eliquid ejuice vapeon vapefam vapenation vapeon vape vapelife vapelove vapelyfe eliquid ejuice vapecommunity calivapers cloudchasers calivapers vapeporn vapecity ukvapers vapenation vapestars ecigs socalvapes vapeporn coilporn vaping guamvapers nyvapors kuwaitvape indonesiavape

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Comment from Shyshy:

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909 Vapor


Comment from 909 Vapor:

New Juice, Phillip Rocke Crem De La Crém, only available while supplies last here @909vapor !!calivapers vapeaddict vapeaholic vapecommunity vapedaily vapeporn vape vapehard vapelyfe vapenation vapelife vapefam calivapor vapefam vapecrazy vapestagram vapemail vapeallday beenvaping instavape vapelife

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Comment from Jessica:

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Comment from Www.EZfumes.com:

Planet crunch ejuice! vape ezfumes vapenation dfw cloudz planetcrunch vapeporn vapelove

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Darien Brenn


Comment from Darien Brenn:

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send memes in dm


Comment from send memes in dm:

Give me succ~Supreme smoant vape vapeindo vapeindonesia vapehooligans vapefriends vapefam vapefamous vapestagram vapelyfe vapedaily vapelife vapelove vapelifestyle vapenation vapeporn vapingcommunity vapetricks ejuice vapor vaping vapeon vaper vapers vapesociety vaporwave vaporizer indonesiavape vapefamilyi dankmemes

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Comment from Fagguetè:

Credit to @i_am_a_spartin0 Spooky scary skeletons, she is going to die. ~the not so slave anymore ➖ Tag your friends, like, comment, and follow➡️ @tunafishmemes for funny posts daily. ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖Sellout Tags: dankmemes memes 911memes lol lmao memepage pranked youfellforit spooked woke kappa 2017 vape vapenation age_of_genesis shoutmeoutyoufuckstick xd kys edgy edgymemes lmfao nicememe cringe no honhon boop fml gay vingardiumleviosa

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🖤 Kristie 🖤


Comment from 🖤 Kristie 🖤:

Married to my mod 🖤❤🖤❤ • • vape vapelife vapeporn vapelyfe vapecommunity vapefam vapeon vapestagram vapenation instavape vapedaily vapelove girlswhovape vapetricks vapefamily vapesociety vapes vapefamous vapeaddict vapemail vapeclouds vapegirls vapeprincess girlswithink piercedangels vapebabe vapepromo

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Jaime Arias


Comment from Jaime Arias:


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dan stephenson


Comment from dan stephenson:

@vapeybox “ Repost to your Instagram if your a Vaper! Chance to WIN 12 month supply of VapeyJuice VapeUK Vape Repost @worldvapesquad driplife wvs wvsfam vapecommunity vapenation vapesocial vapesociety vapelove vapefamily vapetricks vapeporn vapeteam vapeclouds vape vapecontent lovevape vapelife vapeclouds vaping vapegirls instavape vapestagram vaper vapeuk ukvaper vapeon vapeislife

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◇☻ Kiel☻◇


Comment from ◇☻ Kiel☻◇:

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Comment from Janella:

Ok I'm becoming a bit of a hoarder ejuice cantstop yum vapefinds vapeon vapegirls vapelife vapestagram vapepics vapefam vapenation

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