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Domestic Graffiti


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Oh Say Can You See #foodbabysoul #foodforthought #100days #wearable #protest #eyemask #closed #politicalstyle #politicalfashion #truestory I did not watch the 🇺🇸president speak in Florida during the faux campaign rally surrounding himself with "friends" declaring the media as the enemy of the people. Meanwhile I hear 🇸🇪 thinks your high Mr 🇺🇸president...How psyched are the investigative reporters? I can only imagine the 🔥 burning under their 🖊. Foodbabysoul says stop watching the White House reality tv show that the 🇺🇸president wants to sell the 🇺🇸people. It's all about the schadenfreude. Neither side can keep their eyes off the rise and the fall of the billionaire "let me entertain you" vs govern you that is the 🇺🇸president. The more we watch the more we feed the beast. We all benefit from a good detox. I suggest we flatline any ratings for live broadcasts of the White House and watch SNL. Reporters walk away from the beating and don't even show up to ask a question. Radio Silence. If impossible...give the White House "talk is cheap" less rent. State the facts and be done. Let's enjoy a moment of silence. Pick your fake news and devour it on paper. If there is anything really happening besides both sides demeaning each other...both sides will report it. You will hear the words "Your Fired" if it happens. Remember who is in second place. Pace yourself on the political talk and focus on what actions you can take as a world citizen. Take some "me time" relax and listen to your inner political party and ask yourself which side of this 💣 you are going to be on Patriot. #domestic #graffiti #artist #thingsimake #political #wardrobe #scrapimpact #ransom #lettering #crochet My Eyes Wide Shut

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#one of our stainless steel #model apple watch band collection available now. See our profile and webshop for the complete collection. -

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Greg Ux


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This is what your raw heart rate looks like in class with @kjw227 at 13.5 😱😱.. Last week was my first week working with the @whoop wearable.. and I'm already in love. Every day I wake up I can review my Sleep score and receive a Recovery score that tells me how ready I am to take on Strain throughout the day. Code GREGUX gets you $50 off! DM if you have questions about the device and what it tracks! #WHOOP #AlwaysOn

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Mixed Reality Design


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Smartglasses will make it possible for us to watch live action television & movies where scenes actually blend into our living room in full 3d. The guys who figure this out will make billions. Fact. Still from an underwater shoot by @pinewoodstudios.

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AlexRoss AKA DrawnAlex


Next backpack! This is for my pal @bronwyn2 who finds herself scooting around in her chair on wheels named Cherry Bomb more often these days. Cherry Bomb needed a bag that was super light, easy to access while still sitting in the chair, lots of pockets, and a side pocket for the all important smart phone. We recently did (yet another) clean out of our closets and L parted with a shirt she's only worn once or twice because she got a size way too big. This shirt is all the fabric I needed for the bag! The lil side phone pouch pictured here I grabbed off a duffle bag with a busted zipper. Excited to show you the rest!

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Novem Designs


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Sofia Robinson


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Pinnacle Tee


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Walt Rush


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Alexis Powell


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✲ Chalk it up to my inner 5 year old ✲

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