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Rippa day 👌🏼🌞🌞💃🏽

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Close up 🤙🏽

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99% CBD Isolate from Phyto Family. Took a few different kinds of their terps such as SFV OG, Sour Diesel and Fire OG. Added some THC distillate and mixed it all up giving me this little sugerlll crystal mix 🔥 I can't even begin to explain the flavor profile experienced on this one lol. Not even that typical Cherry Menthol CBD taste came through! #710 #420 #DidItForTheTerps #HighLarryUs #NugNasty #DabEasy #WeDontSmokeTheSame

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Finished shatter has always reminded me of snowflakes! Never a duplicate! From the hundreds of slabs we've created we've never had an even close to similar stability, color, flavor, etc. The qp in the picture is dewaxed #shiskaberry #claritycounts #dankmeds #wedontsmokethesame

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