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What is it about Old Amsterdam that keeps the visitors coming? Likely, it is not the decor. To put it nicely, this is an entirely unpretentious coffeeshop. You won’t find a theme formed into the walls, expensive polished wood booths to sit in, or fancy high-end fixtures to admire. This is a simple shop. It feels like a group of college kids got together and built a coffeeshop, but on a college budget. The most notable features of the decor are floor to ceiling mirrors, and a countless collection of “hip” posters on the walls. We’re certain it isn’t the bathroom. We haven’t visited every one in the city, but are willing to bet this has the smallest bathroom of any coffeeshop. It feels like they converted a closet into one. Frankly, we find it humorous the bathroom is so awkward. Maybe it is the vibe. If you can overlook the lack of frills, Old Amsterdam is a comfortable place. There isn’t a lot of stuff in here; so the room feels very open. They also have sofa seating in here, which is quite plush and cozy. Chill music is usually playing on the speakers; a bit more old school. We’d also say that the staff seems quite friendly and welcoming. And we’ve had some great experiences with other visitors; sparked up some excellent conversations. Perhaps it is simply the #cannabis that keeps people coming back. For an unassuming shop, they do have a very large menu. You should find close to 20 #strains on the #weed ( #flower) side, and maybe a dozen different types of #hashish (concentrate). Proud of what they sell, Old #Amsterdamalso has a stereo microscope, which you can use to closely examine your purchase. They also sell #spacecakes and pre-rolled #joints here, though neither seem to be a key feature of the menu. Pricing overall tends to be very reasonable, especially considering the location of this shop. Of note, Old Amsterdam also offers group pricing on quantities exceeding 5 grams, something very few shops think to do. View the full #coffeeshop profile & photo gallery at: #THC #CBD #ACS #Chill #Relax #Travel #Marijuana #Blaze #420 #710 #weedporn #weedstagram420 #weedstagram #weed420feed #maryjane #chronic #smoke

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Every once in a while get out and do what makes you happy🙂

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along time ago I wanted to be a teacher but not like your typical academics instructor 👨‍🏫 I would want to teach about conscience and the sense of morality, life lessons if you will. So much of peoples time was wasted going to school I never wanted to attend it was a waste of time for me. I love learning but not being taught. I don't mind receiving help when I need it but I never ask for help at school I'd never listen. I would try to figure it on my own, use my brain. Just that one fucking thing of being sort of arrogant I'd say helped me develop my brain more than I possibly could have paying attention at school.

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