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When I think of things I love, I think of those things that make my heart beat faster, the people places and experiences that bring me the most joy. Love comes easy there. The real work, should we choose to accept the mission, is to Love ALL things, even those that we find distasteful, unworthy and sometimes even painful. This weekend I was reminded that it is at the edge of my tolerance, the place where my judgment or my desire to retreat kicks into high gear that I should stop and inject the most love. It is where love does not already exist in abundance that it is needed the most. So today I consciously proclaim, I choose Love. Always. ❤️

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Some of my home decor in my kitchen, Windstone Ruby Lap Dragon, the book, The Witchcraft of Dame Darrell of York (which purports to be the full account of the Witchcraft practiced in medieval England in the medieval era. The account was transcribed by her nephew after her death in order to preserve all her lore and learning for future generations of witches. In truth, Dame Darrell was an imaginative recreation of how witchcraft was practiced in medieval England. However, it is not pure fiction. It is based on Leland's years of prodigious research.) A heart vile of herbs and oils and a framed picture of one of the engravings from the Ninth Gate #witchesofinstagram #traditionalwitchcraft #witchcraft #pagansofinstagram #pagan #occult #paganism #witch #occult #medieval #dragon #dragons #ninthgate #windstone #windstonedragon

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Sketchy as fuck and still figuring out the lines on this one, but I had fun squeezing in some new @marioncrampe inspired shapes before going into the day job. (Not shown: doing this pose so many times in a row that I got stuck and had to be lifted out. It was an amazing moment.) #poleChurch #sundayFunday #brassOvaries #handsLock # #pdFlowerBud #poleDancer #poleDance #poleFitness #poleFit #pole #dance #dancer #aerials #aerialist #acro #inkedGirl #altGirl #bendyBitch #poleWitch #witch #liveDeliciously

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