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Diane Karina Cunningham


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Good evening 💋

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Jacqueline Strange


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More wire wrapping. Just finished up this HUGE bone statement piece. A giant, and incredibly flashy, labradorite stone is framed with a pair of large dog pelvic bones and wrapped in antiqued copper. This piece is attached to a thick link chain necklace in 16 inch length and sits high on the chest. This would be amazing for a photo shoot. I'm going to try and get this listed in the shop soon but if someone wants to grab it before them, you can DM me for more info.

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Sub Rosa


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Zeads Dead & Alicia Coral


Large sunset aura Quartz $27 shipped. Comment "sold" to purchase. International shipping applies

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Goddess 2017 : UNSTOPPABLE


Full moon spells are available through me. A little about the full moon. When the Earth is caught between the moon and the sun, the result is the Full Moon bearing the most powerful energies of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon is often seen by people as 'all purpose'-- it's energies are prismatic in that it flows into all areas and needs, be it constructive or destructive. Even more so than the Dark Moon, the Full Moon is a time you would utilize for extra power when you're facing very difficult challenges. This is not just for minor mundane tasks, such as looking for the energy to reorganize your closet or trying to clear negativity out of the house after an argument; this is a time to reserve for those important things in your life that need major changes or major boosts. Interested to receive a spell and all details of what u need to do on the next full moon comment SOLD below w PayPal email. I love the full moon. I feel the power the energies it's my favorite to work with. #witch #spells #love #encourage #forgive #unstoppable #fullmoonspells #witchesofinstagram

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Rodriguez Mystic


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There are many practical applications for the use of sigils in magic, witchcraft and general occultism. So many applications, in fact, that it can get a bit overwhelming. I wrote a rather succinct, sassy and sorcerous introductory article on the topic of sigil magic on my blog a while back. You can check it out here:  #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreader #tarotreaders #psychic #spirituality #occult #paganism #magic #magick #witch #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #wicca #wiccansofinstagram #sigils #sigilmagic #lgbt #gay #diviner #makeupartistsofinstagram #spellcasting #divination #oraclecards #astrology #crystals #chaosmagic #spirits #lenormand #intuition

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Zeads Dead & Alicia Coral


Iridescent Aqua aura Quartz💙 $24 shipped ! Comment "sold" to purchase. International shipping rates apply

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fe ✨


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These are the beautiful rune stones I got today as a gift from a friend! They're so pretty, but I'm worried I might not connect with them. They are my first set and I guess we'll just see, but I hope all goes well. I want to use them now but I have to wait to cleanse them before I can use them. I wish they came cleansed lololol 🌱🌞 #witchcraft #witch #wiccanlife #wiccan #wicca #pagan #nature #magick #runestones #runes

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Paddy Murphy


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Ohhmagod Ohhmagod Ohhmagod!!! Look what I just found!!! The greatest board game ever created!!! I've been looking out for the Atmosphere games for years without luck. They just don't make them anymore,. And now I got the whole lot (unused) for €8. If you haven't played these growing up then you haven't lived. Everyone back to my place. It's gonna be a fun night.

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Нет родные, не из принципа закроете аккаунты все, а по вынужденным мерам, понимаю..незаконное обогащение не хочется терять, тем более не так много ресурсов у Вас осталось, как я посмотрю. А мы поборемся обязательно! #Мэрилинзла - это зачет! Думаю единственная правда на странице, удаляйте свой говноаккаунт, не ждите плохого конца! Гадательный тур на Магадан, стальные и волшебные браслеты...мммм и всё это за 25 тысяч рублей! Я Вас лично сопровожу. Думаю органы разрешат тому, кто вскрыл инет мафию доставить такое удовольствие, а с собой возьму людей, которых нашла и кто составит мне компанию, таких же как я, кто пострадал). @marilyn_kerro глупо ставить блок, всё равно читаете!. Акцент в переписке имитировать не принципиально, хотя смешно и мне нравится)))...пишите мне чаще! Скучаю! Ваша глупая Маша). @marilyn_kerro аферисты и ещё несколько более мелких страниц..Булгакова моего любимого, ох бонусы набираются не в Вашу пользу. Скоро непредсказуемый Воланд возьмет Вас за яйца, Вы же уверены, что его нет..а может и Бога тоже не существует? #смертьиналоги # #битваэкстрасенсов #extrasensory #мэрилинкерро #мерилинкерро #экстрасенс #ясновидящая #рамзанкадыров #чечня #marilynkerro #отношения #экстрасенс #гадание #таро #spirits  #pray #witch #magic #esoterics #нтв #тнт #москва24 #рентв #тв3 #лайфньюс #stop #осторожномошенники #мерелинкерро

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Thunder N' Lightning Supply


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James Demon


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Join us this Thursday for the first Occultists label night of 2017!

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