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Comment from Tazra Vegas:

For the past month in Hawaii we have been producing and writing a potential theme song for the “Woman’s March On Washington” movement. It’s entitled, “Mothers For The People,” performed by Irie Love. “Mothers For The People,” is a woman empowerment anthem that deals with human rights, racial equality, peace and today! When you think about it, there are not many woman empowerment anthems out there in the media; and when you hear these powerful lyrics and music, you will know that “Mothers For The People,” is the anthem! #womensmarchonwashington #womensfashion #donaldtrump #barackobama #usa #hawaii #politics #equality #humanrights #letzball #thankyoujesus @songster1

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When you see it...

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She builds others up because she knows what it's like to be torn down! L♤M | courtesy of @lolariostyle

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Comment from Dominic Lane:

Don't be a square! 🔲 Or do, so I can take photos of you 🙆🏻

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