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I just died. I needed a good laugh this morning!!!!!😂😂😂😂

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Can you guess the first?

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Breanna McFarland Clewley


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Cannabis Positive Lifestyle


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Raise your hand if you can't get enough blush + watercolor in your life 🙋

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Cannabis Positive Lifestyle


Now that's a happy women! This is a pic I took of myself for myself in early 2000. I hid my cannabis consumption from most everyone in my life. Even though it had positive effects I was scared for so many reasons. I am very grateful to the pioneers that cracked the shell of marijuana prohibition... and I'm happy to have a new language and understanding for the healing I have received from this magic plant💖 #normalizecannabis #womenwhosmokeweed #cannabiscommunity #highsociety #elevate #happy #magic #plant #cannabis #newparadigm #healing #healyourself

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Strain Name:  PORTER (dried herbs, milled product) Producer: Tweed Inc. Cost: $7.50/gram Labeled as: #THC: 20.9 / #CBD: <0.07 Species: #Indica, best to use this at night. ——————— Review: Rated from 1 (low score) to 5 (high score): Packaging/Weight:  I’d give a rating of 1, the product was short .4 grams and is sent in the plastic containers that are difficult to transport. Look:  I would rate this a 3.5, the product comes pre-milled and is a bright green color.  Some small sticks were seen. Smell:  Rated a 4, smelled very much like citrus with little to no chemical smell detected. Taste:  I’d rate this a 3, the lemony taste was very subtle, was smooth with no unpleasant flavour. Effect:  Rated a solid 4.5!  I did feel some medicinal body effects from this strain, maybe due to the combination of species and THC levels etc. (individual results will vary.) Comments:  The effects of this product were great and I also liked that I could easily load my vaporizer in it because it was pre-milled. But I am very disappointed that the product was short and dislike that packaging Tweed is still using.

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Looks like it is a beautiful Thursday. One day left to enter the weekly drawing. The word of the day is research. Lots of new medicine. DRIVE THRU AVAILABLE for extra entries. Daily specials. Register at Transdermal patches due in on Friday. Come learn all the ways to save. Did you know? Researchers from University of Nottingham found that marijuana shows promise in reducing brain damage after a stroke. #redding #anderson #redbluff #shastalake #chico #weaverville #susanville #paradise #burney #womenwhosmokeweed #menwhosmokeweed #medicalmarijuana #cannabiscures #weed #weedporn #alternativemedicine #health #edibles #dabs #dabbing #420 #530

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