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Sarah Ann Koeck


Comment from Sarah Ann Koeck:

So.... I just saw that Inktober has prompts and I didn't think of looking that up before hand. So I have been doing drawings everyday for nothing and blowing up peoples feeds with drawings. I am so sorry. Also, Tango and Johnny being yin and yang. So cute on that at least. catsofinstagram cute yinyang inktober2017

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Comment from SmoothieLocks:

Working on a new design! draw drawing art sketch bicpencil blacknwhite blackandwhite noiretblanc blackwork artschool student geometric geometrique graphic graphique japanese japaneseinspiration koi carpekoi lotus indianink ink encredechine yinyang

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Oscar Lennon


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Yin Yang Restaurant


Comment from Yin Yang Restaurant:

Happy Kukur Tihar to our furry friends! :D Remember Yin Yang Restaurant for the best Thai and Continental Cuisine in Kathmandu. YinYangRestaurant YinYang Restaurant Tihar Dipawali FestivalsofNepal KukurTihar Dogs MansBestFriend ThaiCusine ContinentalCuisine Thamel Kathmandu

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The Singing Bowl Gallery


Comment from The Singing Bowl Gallery:

Just arrived. 20" hand hammered extra large bowl C with great details of 2 dragons in the clouds with a yin yang between them. View and hear it at THE SINGING BOWL GALLERY SINGAPORE

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🍃🕉Məđ ËĘľ Mőų§ăòûì🕉🍃


Comment from 🍃🕉Məđ ËĘľ Mőų§ăòûì🕉🍃:

🙏🌼🕉🌎Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family. Virginia Satir Breathewell Earthgoodvibes peace lovelife planet motherearth light floweroflife hippe meditate lawofattraction merkaba meraki enlightenment yinyang conciousness highervibrations

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Design City Express


Comment from Design City Express:

Yin Yang wolf hoodie now on sale at 40% off regular price at designcityexpress.com designcityexpress wolf hoodie yinyang whiteandblack sale apparel city worldwide

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🍃🕉Məđ ËĘľ Mőų§ăòûì🕉🍃


Comment from 🍃🕉Məđ ËĘľ Mőų§ăòûì🕉🍃:

🙏🌼🕉🌎 Somehow our society has formed a one-sided view of the human personality, and for some reason everyone understood giftedness and talent only as it applied to the intellect. But it is possible not only to be talented in one's thoughts but also to be talented in one's feelings as well. Lev Vygotsky Breathewell sigmundfreud psychologygalaxy spirituality stars moon goodvibes peace love art perspective thirdeye life planet motherearth light floweroflife hippe meditate lawofattraction merkaba meraki enlightenment yinyang conciousness awakenings highervibrations higherconsciousness

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🍃🕉Məđ ËĘľ Mőų§ăòûì🕉🍃


Comment from 🍃🕉Məđ ËĘľ Mőų§ăòûì🕉🍃:

🌼🕉🌎🙏I used to think that happy-go-lucky people had never experienced any hardships. I now realize that while those people actually do have problems, it’s their attitude that gets them through the rough times. Unhappiness generally occurs not because of what happens in a person’s life, but because of how that person thinks about what happens. I now know that while I cannot change what has happened in the past, my attitude and outlook in the present will help me deal with whatever happens in the future.” Elizabeth Patterson Breathewell sigmundfreud psychologygalaxy spirituality stars moon goodvibes peace love art perspective thirdeye life planet motherearth light floweroflife hippe meditate lawofattraction merkaba meraki enlightenment yinyang conciousness awakenings highervibrations higherconsciousness

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Author ✒


Comment from Author ✒:

When a guy think he’s a player..... Me: humor writer yinyang 😜💁🏽👑

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Sensuality Love Relationships


Comment from Sensuality Love Relationships:

SACRED SPACE Couple coaching advanced! Ik ben zo blij dat zo veel stellen het het gewoon doen! De diepte in! Hoppekeeeee weg met de schaamte! Een open gesprek over intimiteit hoe je dit nu eigenlijk precies verlangt. Het gewoon aangaan met elkaar. Uit de comfortzone stappen en oefeningen doen die het vuur weer aanwakkeren. Nice ! ❤️ Happy day ❤️ sensualglow spiceitup

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Mayra Yarathzel ⁶𓅓


Comment from Mayra Yarathzel ⁶𓅓:

My babies... ⚪️⚫️ hyundai bmw yinyang dayandnight turbo cars carfamily bimmer genesis rspec msport love

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Comment from 🍯NECTAR:

It’s in the mirror. Every decision, every action begins with U. Ur thoughts,really. Ur thoughts POWER your belief & then it manifests. It’s more than Negativity & Positivity, it’s about balance...or whatever ☯️ Draw da line or have it drawn 4 u. U are responsible 4 ur damn self. If ya life shitty, U made it that way. Fuck a opposition. That exist IF U BELIEVE it exists. Don’t shoot the messenger...shoot yaself. ✨ WHATEVERJOLEE thoughtsgonewild rant blog blogish yinyang balance selflove selfcare diy doityourself mirrordimension

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Gamauf Anett


Comment from Gamauf Anett:

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Βαγγέλης Σάββας (Shiver)


Comment from Βαγγέλης Σάββας (Shiver):

Just focus the target insomnia yinyang

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Comment from Debby:

Beat the Autumn Dryness 🍁 Have you been waking up in the middle of the night with a dry and parched throat? Even worse - have you been getting spontaneous nosebleeds from this dry weather? My husband got the latter so I decided to try a recipe from my Chinese Nutrition class to combat this fall dryness. 💥 And guess what - no nosebleeds after he ate this concoction! In Chinese Medicine pears are revered for its moistening qualities - especially targeting the Lungs and sinuses. 🗒 Here is the recipe: 1️⃣ Core an Asian pear, leave the skin on (very important) 2️⃣ Fill the core with a piece of yellow rock sugar and a small handful of dried lily bulb (Bai He). 3️⃣ Steam all of it for 20 minutes, or until fork tender. ✌🏻 Give it a try and tell me if it helps! . . . traditionalchinesemedicine chinesemedicine tcm nutrition recipe acupuncture healer healthiswealth foodismedicine food fruit chinesewisdom yum yinyang pear autumn seasonal fall fallfoods foodstagram instafood recipes holisticnutrition holistic losangeles foodtherapy foodislife

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Mirthfully Morbid


Comment from Mirthfully Morbid:

'कर्म किए जा फल की इच्छा मत कर' Keep doing your karma (deeds), not wishful thinking. life lifelessons karma bhagwadgita gita karmayoga deeds gooddeeds yinyang good payback lordkrishna learning writersofinstagram writing qotd quoteoftheday quotes quotesofinstagram mirthfullymorbid poetsofinstagram poetsofig poetry prose

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Semisi & Toese


Comment from Semisi & Toese:

He said, "19 years baby." I said "too fast. " he says "too furious" 😩 Ok dad that was pretty clever... i guess you can say we got that kinda relationship where we can finish off each others sentences 😂😂😂... i don't know. It's psychological. nineteen andcounting happyanniversary yinyang live love laugh igotyou toinfinity

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Alex Combow


Comment from Alex Combow:

Day 210: "The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself." -Thales There is knowledge on any topic out the from biology to mathematics to self discovery but no one can tell you how to know yourself other than you. There are guide books that exist and can lead you in the correct direction, but prepare for a lifelong journey of ups and downs and commitment and slacking off. You are more complicated than any form of quantum physics so don't expect everything about you to be black and white. That's it for today's Alexgoodies! Have a good day :) . . . hippie hippy insight perception meditation selfhelp inspirational motivational balance philosophy psychology photography nature cool qotd awesome mindfulness spiritual innerpeace yinyang order chaos patience presence now woke

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Comment from FerST:

tatoo dragon dragontattoo yinyang hds queretaro design

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Veronika "Vern"


Comment from Veronika "Vern":

ॐ loveandlight goodvibes goodenergy awakening buddha inspiringquotes starseed oldsoul esoteric positivity lawofattraction lightworker spiritual yinyang ascension higherconsciousness chakras hippie meditation namaste thirdeye questioneverything freespirit plurwarrior wisdom gypsysoul Consciousness enlightenment

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Rick (The Reaction) Garzinez


Comment from Rick (The Reaction) Garzinez:

Working process. art creation fun life love world floweroflife yinyang

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Jez Manso


Comment from Jez Manso:

Oneness. Duality. Balance. ☯️ yinyang taiyuth

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Stay-C 🦋


Comment from Stay-C 🦋:

🦋- IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BALANCE In life, laughter and love... ❤ - Picture made by @retinasfotografie

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Yogini 🤸🏼‍♀️📿


Comment from Yogini 🤸🏼‍♀️📿:

|| When we practice yoga, everything is about balancing things out. In yoga asana, if you want to rise up, you need to ground down first. A foundation of stability is needed, otherwise you will fall in and out...over and over. That’s how skyscrapers are built. To built something that is incredibly high, builders have to get down deep and excavate sands, soil, clay and so on first. This principle applies to all parts of life. It is not always easy to unearth all the stuff below. Yes of course it is more comfy to not address or confront the fears and wounds in us, but if you don’t dig, you won’t be able to establish a foundation. So dig down deep and resolve all the stuff that is holding you back. Build upon that. Rise. And feel the very core of your being. Love. || backtobasics dontloseyourseat grounddowntoriseup bow humble balance grounding buildingstrength staystrong staysoft yinyang standingsplit jivamukti urdhvaprasaritaekapadasana theyogalove

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Sarah Sevedge 📚


Comment from Sarah Sevedge 📚:


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Comment from JonnyboiG:

2nd painting got the Sketch Done 😃 . . . Check put the stream at Twitch.tv/jonnyboig Twitch.tv/jonnyboig Link in my bio colors phoenix livestreamer livestream twitchtv twitch art stream ink dream arts_help twitch twitchcreative characters colors yinyang drawing colorpencils painting bright instaart instaartist artsy shading artlife artwork illustration twitchcreative

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Comment from Zenhaling:

Z-Stick Stab to Archer Drill. The pose reveals the tension and growth points. Breathe, Stab and experience isometric tension and recoil, aim and relax into gaze with Archer. zen yoga martialarts breathing meditation movement energy nature reiki chi ki prana mma balance healing breathe philly bamboo inhale exhale yinyang yogapose kungfu aikido taichi silat pranayama archer kundalini

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Comment from Laika:

Good morning! spacespacedogswedenlaikapomeranian pomeranianpuppykleinspitzkleinspitzpuppy pompuppydogsofinstagrampomeranianofthedaydogofthedaybearcrazypuppyeyesbrownbrowneyesbeautycutiepieblackwhiteblackandwhiteyinyangprincessposinggermanspitzwednesdaymorning

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Amélie Montplaisir


Comment from Amélie Montplaisir:

Keep the faith in ❤️ illustrator illustration doodle sketch love hug couple friends strong together power lovewillwin yinyang peace faith

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Meghan Widger


Comment from Meghan Widger:

Check out my story for some updates, my dudes ✌️️ mandala drawing design coloringbook floral fabrics retro artist seamstress designer yinyang balance

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Tattoo Kraze


Comment from Tattoo Kraze:

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Comment from iam.ale1987:

IT'S BETTER LIVE A DAY AS LION THAN FOR 1000 YEARS AS A SHEEP lion fight no fears nopainnogain neverfail keepfighting fightalone yourself animal strength yinyang myself procreate ipad bodybuilding motivation nature power fearless death

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