Haven't had much of a summer yet in Wanaka 😬 and it's snowed four times in the past two weeks, which looks nice and all BUT I WANT SUMMER ☀️

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Inspired by a fresh start to the new year, I wrote a blog post about how my main goal for 2017 is to *actually* start all the projects I've been meaning to do for years. I'm one of those people who has trouble starting because I’m afraid that I’ll fail - which is pretty much the worst reason ever NOT to tackle a new project. In fact, I bet many of us are like that - starting something new, especially a creative venture, without any idea of how it'll turn out, is pretty freaking daunting, right? Like the book I want to write. What if it’s terrible? And not only terrible, what if it’s the worst book in the entire world? Well, I might as well not even try, right? NO! We should create for the simple joy of just making something, not for the success. Which always reminds me of Iceland. Did you know Iceland is consistently ranked one of the world's happiest countries? And one reason, I believe, is because of their creativity. Iceland has the most published authors per capita of anywhere in the world. People write books to write books, to have an outlet for their creativity. They also drink a lot. So I reckon let’s drink more and be like Iceland. I mean create. Let’s create more. And actually take that leap of faith and begin a new project 📷 @tinyiceland

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Mondays got me like 😫

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When I was 17, I made the choice to go to Mt. Holyoke College, one of the first women’s colleges in the world. I grew up there under the philosophy of our founder - “go where no one else will go, do what no one else will do,” something that I’ve carried with me ever since. MHC taught me to have courage in my beliefs, and to stand up for what’s right, even if that is not universally popular. When I was 19 I started regularly donating to groups like Planned Parenthood and in my early twenties I used to volunteer for groups like the Human Rights Campaign. Four years ago I quit my job to travel and build a career out of creating, and it was then that I realized how far women still have to go, and that glass ceiling is holding up strong. I’m regularly belittled for being a women in this industry, and I’m sick of it. But it was only when I really started to travel that my idealized feminism met with brutal reality. I came face to face with women who suffer far more than I could ever imagine. Girls whose education ends the day the get their first period because their schools have no toilets. Places where women can’t work unless their husband approves. Places where a women’s ONLY place is at home. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT, GUYS? And even in those unfamiliar places, I’ve met women who are fighting under the most darkest of circumstances. I grew up in an place where I can’t even imagine that kind of challenge. In the global scheme of things, American women are pretty fucking lucky, but it’s our duty to help others around the world and use our privelage to inspire change and make a difference. We can’t unify under hate. The president of America is meant to be a global leader, and we just elected someone who regularly mocks and belittles women, and who with 24 hours in office, is already starting to dismantle things we’ve spent decades working towards. I had been feeling so sad and helpless since the election, but waking up this morning and seeing so many strong ladies (and men too!) stand up around the world in protest to this hateful sexist pig brings tears to my eyes - today is only the beginning, let's keep fighting 🔥 #theresistance #womensrightsarehumanrights

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One of my favorite pieces of street art in @dunedinnz - the Songbird Pipe Organ - thanks for showing me it @streetkiwi ❤ and thank you @phlegm_art for spreading the love for some of New Zealand's amazing native and endangered birds in such a spectacular way! And the pink 😎 by my homegirl @theblondeabroad!!

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Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua // As man disappears from sight, the land remains @docgovtnz

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Heads up guys - I've started sharing my best travel tips from my week in Whistler up on my @trover app - it's where I plan my trips and share my tips afterwards - check it out! #troveon #iciclesfordays

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I love Milford in the rain 💦 @roscosmilford Milford is one of those places that gets a lot of hype in New Zealand but is worth it!

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Falling in love with Whistler one snowy sunset at a time ❤

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In case you missed it, I've got a new video up on my Facebook, blog and YouTube about my time in Dunedin ✌🏻️ be sure to check it out! @dunedinnz 📷 @chaplinfocus

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Nothing like soaking your bones in a spa like this after a long day riding powder at @whistlerblackcomb ❄️️ sometimes you got to just treat yourself!

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Back home in New Zealand this week and catching up with work and seeing friends, have anything fun planned?

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After spending the holidays in the States with my family, I couldn't resist sneaking in a snowboarding trip on my way back to New Zealand. And there was nowhere I was more keen to finally see than @whistlerblackcomb in BC 🏂 what an epic week in Canada! @gowhistler #protectourwinters

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The majestic kea, the world's only alpine parrot and only found in New Zealand. Very naughty, you can tell this guy is up to no good and is plotting destruction. No car or hiking boot is safe 🙈 @docgovtnz

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"Listen--are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" Mary Oliver

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One of the most remarkable mornings of my life 😍 watching the fog roll in above Dubai's highest skyscrapers - for the past few years I've been using the travel app @trover to help plan my trips and to keep track of my favorite discoveries when I'm home again - check out my latest list for some of Dubai's best kept secrets 🙌🏻

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Just me and my favorite little blue house by the sea 🌊

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Just around the riverbend ☺️

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