Good morning and welcome to my first Q and A in ages!!! (Yes, that's a rare photo of me.) Ask me anything in the comments and I'll answer. This is all in conjunction with ticket sales for my upcoming conference in Melbourne Australia. I'll be here for at least the next hour so don't be shy. Once I clock out I'll do my best to check in again throughout the day. And, GO! @thetravelbootcamp #

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Whew, it's been a big day. I've done a four hour Instagram consultancy session with a growing travel agency (watch this space), hit up a tonne of emails and picked off some pesky admin jobs I'd been neglecting. There's a huge amount that goes on behind the scenes for my work and that's what keeps me busy between the fun travel stuff. Don't forget to check out the link in my profile if you're interested to attend my next Travel Bootcamp conference in Melbourne. Also tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM AEST, 8:30 AM Sydney time, I'm doing an 'ask me anything' Q and A on my morning upload. See you there. 💤💤 @thetravelbootcamp #

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My next conference has been announced! Just in case you've been hiding under a rock, last year I started a conference with a travel writer and a travel blogger. We called our baby the 'Travel Bootcamp' because a) we want to teach people how to get paid to travel and b) we want to actually teach them a lot of shit! (Hence the Bootcamp, it's a Bootcamp for the brain!) We ran two successful events in Sydney and Gold Coast and this April we are coming to Melbourne! I'm really passionate about this event and we're already getting success stories tricking through from past delegates. From the perspectives of three successful women who are traveling for a living we teach you everything we know about the industry. You don't have to be a pro, we've also got the beginners covered with lots of basics. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM daylight savings time, that's 7:30 AM AEST where I am, I will do a Q & A session on my Instagram for anyone wanting to ask questions about my travels, how I get paid, how I got started and anything to do with the conference. The link to buy tickets is on my profile and we have early bird pricing for the next week at a savings of $100/ ticket. XXX @thetravelbootcamp #

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Well this might be my last Uluru shot or it might not, I'm actually still editing! Haha. I love holidays. But I wanted to thank @longitude131 for having us, for the record I did choose this as a personal holiday for Dreamboat and I and Longitude offered me great media rates. Uluru is truly one of my favorite places in Australia, if not my favorite. I love the diversity of tourism offerings out there and have tried everything from swags in the dirt to the wonderful Sails in the Desert and now this tented all-inclusive luxury product. I'd recommend following @longitude131 or at least checking out the account as it shows a unique version of Uluru and I always find the pictures truly motivating and inspirational. # ❤️❤️

2 Days ago

This probably isn't something that I would ordinarily post but I actually love this view of Kata-Tjuta and it's a view that not many people see. In all my visits to Uluru and all of my different tour guides this is only the second time I've been shown the secret sand dune with views of Uluru at sunset and Kata-Tjuta. The best part? The Longitude 131° team trek up and down the dune to deliver bubbles and canapés. Fancy! @longitude131 # 🍾🥂🧀

3 Days ago

During my scenic flight with professional helicopters I had the most amazing experience of flying over Kata Tjuta for the first time. As amazing as this site is from the ground from the air it is breathtaking! I'll likely have more than one shot! This scenic flight was a part of my all inclusive package out at Longitude which was a nice little bonus. Just remember, if you do go and stay go for the four night package. @longitude131 # ❤️❤️

4 Days ago

I'm doing it! I'm posting another Field of Lights shot because Bokeh! 😍😍 Longitude is literally around the corner from the field which makes it easy to sneak back in the middle of the night, lol. (I'm joking, don't do that!) The majority of guests who stay at Longitude stay for 2-3 nights but we got 4 nights so we got to double up on the activities we loved. Can you guess what I picked? 😂😜 @longitude131 #

5 Days ago

Good morning! I'm sharing a rare photo of the elusive Dreamboat, he's a sneaky one to get a good shot of. 😂😂 This is the Walpa Gorge at Kata-Tjuta, I've shared a number of shots from here in the past. Our guide from Longitude 131° was an absolute legend and gave me a lot of freedom to break away from our small group and take photos. I actually didn't realize but the guides working in and around Uluru, at least the Longitude ones, need to complete a 6 month course to learn about the local culture. Isn't that awesome? @longitude131 #

5 Days ago

Everyone is asking me whether I visited the Field of Light while I was staying at Longitude and I absolutely did, it's right around the corner. Haha. I've mentioned before that Longitude is an all inclusive property and one of their signature activities is their Uluru sunset followed by a visit to the Field of Light at dusk and an outdoor dinner at Table 131. Once you're back at your room the fire is lit and the outdoor bed is set up with a luxury swag. Did I take advantage and sleep outdoors? Heck no! Lol. I am an air conditioning addict and I don't have it at home. I slept under a thick blanket with the air con on full ball. The Field of Lights has recently announced another year out at Uluru so you've got until March 2018 to visit this stunning installation by Bruce Munro. @longitude131 #

6 Days ago

It's still the morning on the Gold Coast so I'm going to say good morning. I may have had a few wines and champagnes with some of the GC insta-crew last night! 🙊 Anyway, THIS is Longitude 131°, this is part of what makes the place so amazing! Uluru is kind of hot at this time of year so I limited my walks and tours to early mornings and late afternoons. The rest of the time I stayed in air conditioned bliss in my tented room or chilled in the breeze on my day bed looking out over the rock. It was perfect! The reason for my delayed posting from Uluru is that the area is so culturally sensitive that I submit my images for approval before posting them and National Parks check everything first. You need to see it with your own eyes! This place is incredible. ❤️❤️ @longitude131 #

6 Days ago

Although I've been to Uluru 6 times I can't believe that this is the first time I've been up in a helicopter! Longitude 131°, where I stayed this time, is an all inclusive property. By all inclusive I mean that EVERYTHING is included with your stay; airport transfers, meals, alcohol, tours and activities, internet and even the (amazing) mini bar in your luxury tent. Because I was there for a four night stay one of my included activities was a scenic flight with @professional_helicopters 🚁🚁🚁, what a trip to see Uluru and Kata-Tjuta from the air! I'll obviously share more shots but loved the light in this one! @longitude131 #

7 Days ago

Good morning, I can finally share what I've been up to recently ... I've been in Uluru! ❤️❤️ For those of you that don't know, Uluru is just about my favorite place in Australia and I was there for five days with Dreamboat staying at Longitude 131°, aka a gorgeous tented property overlooking Uluru itself. Longitude was previously the only place in Uluru that I hadn't stayed at as this was my 6th visit to the red centre! Funnily enough I also got quite a cloudy, rainy trip which is very unusual for the desert but super usual for me. Haha. It's been like that every time I've been to Uluru. 😂☔️❤️ @longitude131 #

7 Days ago

I am all over the interwebs today! I just shared a big post on Facebook to a group I'm a part of, all about Instagram! I'm offering to share a free PDF with Instagram tips and my inbox has gone gang busters, 100 emails and climbing! Since I'm already going to be spending all weekend replying to everyone feel free to reach out to get a copy - it's info AND, if you're an influencer or aspiring influencer I have also just launched my next Travel Bootcamp conference that teaches people how to get paid to travel. The link is in my profile if you want to add your name to the mailing list or take advantage of early bird pricing. It's going to be in Melbourne in April! I love you all! 😘😘😘

11 Days ago

When your camera roll looks like this TIMES TEN but you can't share anything because you're trying to pitch an exclusive story on poaching!! 😩😩😩 #sneakpeek @bumihillsfoundation 🐘🐘

11 Days ago

Alright, it's my last post from my weekend getaway at Rydges South Bank! I had such a lovely time and I love getting away to Brisbane. This is Kangaroo Point, about a twenty minute walk from the hotel. I absolutely love this place for photography, you can't get a bad shot! Even though it was Sunday afternoon there were enough boats around for me to capture some light trails. Thanks Rydges for a great weekend, taking me to Cirque du Soleil, feeding me and the much needed down time. 😍 @RydgesSouthBank #

12 Days ago

Is there anything better than a wide window sill in your hotel room? I enjoyed reading in this nook and actually did take some time to enjoy the serenity. Someone already asked me if I was enjoying the book in my previous photo (Jojo Moyes, The Ship of Brides) and I'm happy to say I read the whole book over the weekend. Now that's my idea of a weekend away. @RydgesSouthBank #

13 Days ago

There's nothing like breakfast in bed when you're away on an escape, I loved the food on the weekend with Rydges South Bank and especially all the pastries! 🥐🥐🥐 Poor Dreamboat finally got to realise the pain of the breakfast flat lay and waited (im)patiently while I took a photo or ten. 🙊📷 @RydgesSouthBank #

13 Days ago

Good morning! Well I've had a little Insta-break over the weekend with my account playing up but it turned out to be a great thing as I was able to enjoy a little escape up in Brisbane! Thanks to Rydges South Bank, Dreamboat and I got to stay, taste and adventure our way through the weekend just an hour away from home. From dinner at Stokehouse restaurant to a matinee performance of Cirque Du Soleil's 'Kooza' and lots of time to relax we had an awesome break. 🍷🍝🤡 This was sunset from Kangaroo Point, one of my favorite go-to shooting locations in Brisbane and the place I took my first ever night shots around five years ago. 💜❤️ @RydgesSouthBank #

14 Days ago

Even though my current top 12 Olympus shots have been posted out of order this is the last one and probably my equal favorite with the Arctic Fox! I know it's the Wanaka tree and I know it's been shot 7 billion times but it really is pretty! Haha. This was the New Zealand trip where I had a camera out of action and only a zoom lens to shoot on so my 40-150 f2.8 got a great work out! It was a 5 second shutter speed on a foggy morning. @Olympus_Au #OlympusInspired

20 Days ago

It's my second last post for my top 12 Olympus shots of the year and this was another recent one; a sassy baby elephant in Madikwe South Africa! This guy literally slayed us, we were in hysterics! So much sass, ALL the sass! I initially missed the maximum sass as my camera settings were in aperture priority mode and I'd been in the sun before seeing this guy in the shade. After some whip fast adjustments (increase ISO, open aperture a stop) I got this! What a dude! 🐘 @Olympus_Au #OlympusInspired

21 Days ago