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💀Queen Alexxandria Hughes 🖤


One day the shadows will surround me Someday the days will come to end Sometime I’ll have to face the real me Somehow I’ll have to learn to bend One day I’ll face the Hell inside me Someday I’ll accept what I have done Sometime I’ll leave the past behind me For now I accept who I’ve become And now I see clearly One day the shadows will surround me All these times I simply stepped aside I watched but never really listened As the whole world passed me by All this time I watched from the outside Never understood what was wrong or what was right I apologize…

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Changed my hair and I kinda hate it oops. Will probably go back rainbow in the summer when my hair is less dead 😂

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Chelsea Elizabeth🌸


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Dive in, take a breath. Blow the smoke through the hole in my chest. / my edit, photographer @miss.kassiekaylas

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