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#SaturdayReads ▪️Hope is a reoccurring theme in my books. My fictional characters have in one way or another let go of what they know to be true because of something that happened to them or those they love. ▪️During the course of the tale, they regain hope in the one true God. 📚The Danjuma brothers lost hope because of what they and their mother endured early in their lives. That's until they met women who shifted their perspective through Christ. 📚The Rices have all but given up on a favorable end for their marriage until they surrendered to the Author and Finisher 📚The Dikes held on to hope until an unexpected visitor rocked their world. 📚Ayanti was done with expecting anything good to come out of her mess. Until Mensah showed her otherwise 📚Feranmi was trying to part her own Red Sea however through an unlikely companion God made her see that His ways are not her ways. 📚In The Dark, my first non fiction is a walk through Jeremiah 29. We often find ourselves in uncomfortable places but He is the same God of yesterday and today so if He could deliver the Isrealites from Eygpt, Judah from Babylon, He can do the same for you...while you wait #GLOWInTheDark

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When your mom takes too long to snap your photo in your #glowinthedark glasses! 🙄

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WOW☝😍 Varför inte pimpa upp festen/barnkalasen eller middagarna med dessa självlysande sugrör 😃 Dom lyser i upp till 8h och är desutom giftfria. I Samarbete med @glowinthedarkuf köper ni nu 1paket med 6st självlysade sugrör+frakt för endast 55 kr ( ordpris 69kr ) Vid beställning och frågor kontakta @glowinthedarkuf på Instadirekt.

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Check out Hearts A Glow from a fellow Jam-sister! Can't wait for my Valentines' Day wraps to arrive! There's still time to order yours for delivery before Feb. 14th:

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