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Love Is Everything


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Stop looking outside of yourself to find happiness... don't you know you have a whole universe of it inside you? Once you truly let go you and reach deep into your being you will realise that you are the creator of your own happiness it can't be attained outside of you or bought. . . . . . . . . #happiness #manifest #lawofattraction #universe #energy #infinite #tunein #divineguidance #healingcrystals #selflove #wakeup #youcreateyourownreality #spirit #soulpurpose #twinflame #vibrationalhealing #1111 #onelove #selfworth #selflove #pinealgland #consciousness #peace #abundance #5d #light #vibratehigher #frequency #synchronicity #enlightenment #awakened

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Increase Positive Energy


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New beginnings are exciting!

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🇫🇷 🌞 ßɛŁŁѧ ßơɦơߣɨรร🌛 🇬🇧


➖(Anglais puis Français) ➖ [🇬🇧] Good evening my InstaFriends 😊 Results of Wednesday Oracle 22/02 🌟 Oracle used: Divination of the Ancients by Barbara MeikleJohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters 💛 ✔ CARD 1: "Oracle - Wisdom" 👉 You already know the answer to your question. No need to seek the opinion of the others. You know exactly what is happening, the truth behind the situation that is why I can say: trust your inner wisdom on it – Incantation: The answers I had all along , My knowing clear, and wisdom strong. I tap into my inner seer And trust the truth, never to fear. ✔ CARD 2: "Handwriting - Authenticity" 👉 It is time to reveal the real you. So stand up for your beliefs and express your true self. I feel it is time to go alone, on your path. And be careful.. around you someone is not all quite clear with you. – Incantation: Shall I hide the real me? What is it I am afraid they’ll see? Should not my light be owned to shine - Respect and Love, I own. It’s mine!. ▫ ✔ CARD 3: "Augur - Mastery" 👉 It is time to for you to step into your own sacred space and call upon the augur within. You are gifted. Don’t be afraid of your natural connection with spirit. Listen to your calling. Time for self realisation, time to trust. – Incantation: I finally let my ego go! It does not serve, and now I know, That my pride  comes before all , This I must master most of all. ▫ ▪ I hope that helped you in a way or another! Let’s meet next week for a new Oracle.. and next week that will be with the Earth Magic Oracle! 💛 Love from Paris🗼 ~Bella♓♌♋ ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫🌒🌕🌘▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ [🇫🇷] Bonsoir mes InstAmis 😊  Resultats de l'Oracle du Mercredi 22/02 🌟 Oracle utilisé: Divination des Anciens par Barbara MeikleJohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters 💛 ❌suite dans comm ci dessous❌

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Crystals, Herbs & Earthy Bliss


🖐CLASS TONIGHT: PRANIC YOGA W/NIKKIE @7:30PM $15! Experience a unique pranic yoga class with Metaphysique in the safe space of Gypsyluv! Every session is focused on restoration of the connection to self and is tailored to heal and align the chakras. When we are balanced both in mind and body, the troubles in our lives become easier to move past, our perspective is shifted, and we are truly restored. Come explore the wonders of pranic yoga through sound, verbal affirmation and mindful breathing as well as connecting to our bodies through beginning and intermediate yoga postures (students may modify as necessary). (Modifications will be available, ALL are welcome to attend!) **Don't forget your Yoga Mat & Water Bottle! What is Pranic Healing? Prana is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "life-force" - the invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. The Japanese call this subtle energy Ki, the Chinese Chi, while the Greeks refer to it as Pneuma. In Polynesian it is known as Mana, and in Hebrew, Ruah - meaning "Breath of Life." Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing which makes use of Prana, or vital energy, in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. As an art and science, Pranic Healing was widely practiced in ancient civilizations in China, Egypt and India. In Pranic Healing, cure is effected by simply removing diseased energies from the patient's invisible energy body and by transferring fresh vital energy (Prana) to the affected areas with the use of the hands. Using a scientific "no-touch" methodology, Pranic Healing can prevent, alleviate, and heal a whole spectrum of physical, emotional, and mental ailments. @mmetaphysique #gypsyluv #pranichealing #pranicyoga #naturalhealing #manifest #love #balance #zenout

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• Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless. • - Julia Cameron • The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity . . . . . . . . . . . 📸 @amy.tatsumi #juliacameron #theartistsway #creativeprocess #art #beauty #creativity #manifest #livethislife #lovethislife #lifeinlayers #bethelight #CreateYourDevotion #spiritual #healing #energy #reiki #lightworker #meditation #kundalini #theanswersareinthesilence #lifrinlayers #thisismyyoga #offtgemat #yoga #inspration #bloomtrue #itstimetobloom

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Luxury | Lifestyle | Happiness


Beautifully designed modern mansion 🙌 What do you think?

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Matthew van Erp


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That post-coaching series high ✨🙌 :: I just wrapped up a 3 month coaching series with an absolutely gorgeous soul, and I am feeling so much gratitude and love for her right now! :: Being able to witness her transformations and breakthroughs throughout our coaching series has been such a privilege, and now she is well on her way to manifesting a life she is crazy in love with. So honoured 💜 :: This is why coaching is addictive! :: 💜💜💜 :: PS I have four coaching spots opening up in March, if you're interested in working with me send me a message or head to 😘

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Hillary ✿ Esthetician ∣ Kauai


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Elise Mothafuckin Micheals


Had my First PT session today @goldsgym and LOVED IT! Kicked my ass with workouts I've never done before and struggled at some but Loved it because that's what it's all about! Personal growth, and if you're not growing, you're dying so get out there and KICK SOME ASS AND SO SOME THINGS #BOOM 💪🏼💥💥💥 Shoutout to @audie.jordan for being a kick-ass team player!! Embodying exactly what the #Manifest lifestyle represents 💥💪🏼👌🏼 - - - - #loveit #swole #business #workhard #manifest #manifestnation #adventure #fit #fitfam #fitfamily #fitness #fitgirls #fitvideos #workout #transformation #healthy #healthchick #healthnut #youcan #dreams #goals

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