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Comment from Gumo:

4 Seconds ago

Comment from Priscila Riguette:

8 Seconds ago

Received such an overwhelming response, thank you so much! If anyone else is interested in shooting with me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be messaging everyone and setting things up asap!

43 Seconds ago

Comment from Mayura Kadamb:

. Acceptance of what is. No matter how much you hold on, at one point you have to accept things. Accept what is, what was and what will! I no longer hold on to people,bonds or even emotions. I choose to release everything i had so far, to let go of anger,distress or even those people causing it. . People change and it's okay. Bc you change too. . #currentmood #letgo #black #timeout #silence #nofilter

3 Minutes ago