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  • more like pussy caterpillar heheh
  • grab it, squeeze it in your hands. have its guts explode all over you
  • Wow
  • Thats crazy dude
  • But what if I wanna die? Lmao
  • @nahojarerap you okay there bud?
  • @sirmillkshake not really, no
  • I instantly started itching
  • @alive_but_forgotten swallow 2 and you’re wish will instantly come true
  • @nahojarerap be my internet friend?
  • @go.killys you sure about that? making a grave mistake
  • @nahojarerap I’m about to add you on the snap. Let’s start a streak!
  • @go.killys alrighty
  • This caterpillar looks like Donald Trump's hair
  • Puss
  • Ouchie fluffy boi



Comment from dan:

im SO happy i got a picture of this. this a puss caterpillar ( #megalopyge #opercularis), the larval form of the southern flannel moth. this baby is the most venomous caterpillar in the united states. the "fur" on this caterpillars body contains venomous spines and is considered dangerous. touching a puss caterpillars spines causes the spines to embed themselves into your skin and break off the caterpillars body, creating immediate skin irritation and excruciating pain. victims compare the pain to breaking a bone or blunt force trauma and say it feels like youre burning alive. reactions from the sting are usually localized but are usually very severe, traveling up the body and causing burning, swelling, blisters, rashes, nausea, chest pain, numbness, difficulty breathing, among a few other things. if youre stung by one please head to a hospital. if the spines are present you can remove them with tape. yeah...dont touch these.

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